Add Cowboy Cool To Your Wardrobe With The Top 5 Men’s Leather Jackets With Fringe

Fringe, fringe, and more fringe! Leather jackets with long, swaying fringe are making a major comeback as men look to add a touch of cowboy flair to their wardrobes. These jackets provide a versatile way to edge up your outfits with a trendy retro vibe.

In this blog post, we’ll countdown the top 5 leather fringe jackets for men and provide tips on how to find the right one for you. We’ll also cover styling advice to help you pull off this iconic western look. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to choose and rock a fringe leather jacket with cowboy cool confidence.

So let’s get to it – yeehaw!

1. Calvin Klein Leather Zip Front with Fringe

Calvin Klein’s leather fringe jacket is a modern take on a vintage classic. It’s crafted from smooth leather and features a full length silver zip front closure and shirt style collar.

The standout detail is the long leather fringe running down the front and back. This gives it plenty of dramatic movement perfect for accentuating your stride. Wearing this jacket will make you feel like you just moseyed out of the saloon ready for adventure.

Some key pros of this Calvin Klein fringe jacket are its soft leather that conforms to your body and a sleek silhouette that flatters most builds. Since it comes in classic black, it will pair well with items already in your closet from jeans to khakis and t-shirts to button downs.

Potential drawbacks are that the leather is thin and may be prone to damage. And since the fringe sways so much, it takes some styling finesse to avoid looking messy.

This jacket is ideal for date nights, casual Fridays in the office, or grabbing drinks at the pub. Leaner body types will be able to pull it off best. It also works for taller men, given the longer length.

To style it, opt for dark straight leg denim, a basic white tee or black button down, and black boots or loafers. Finish the look with a felt cowboy hat for a modern urban cowboy vibe.

2. Levi’s Two Horse Leather Jacket with Fringe

For an authentic western style fringe jacket, you can’t go wrong with Levi’s. The Two Horse leather jacket is inspired by true vintage cowboy gear.

It’s made from high quality leather that develops a worn look over time. The jacket features the Levi’s signature red tab along with dense fringe along the front and back yoke. It also has a classic snap button front and zippered pockets.

Pros are that this jacket has a stiff, structured feel that mimics traditional cowhide leather. The fringe is thick and lush for a true cowboy aesthetic. Since it’s a Levi’s brand, you know you’re getting longevity in the construction.

Potential cons are that the stiff leather needs some break-in time and can be restricting. And the red tab plus colorful fringe limit your pairing options.

This versatile jacket works great for casual wear, nights out, and even music festivals or concerts. Its rugged style flats most body types but looks particularly good on athletic builds.

For styling, try wearing it over a henley shirt and love-worn jeans. Finish the look with leather boots or canvas sneakers. For a night out, pair it with dark jeans, a basic tee and Chelsea boots.

3. Lucky Brand Burnout Wash Leather Jacket

Lucky Brand’s Burnout fringe leather jacket instantly imparts rugged edge. Made from a broken-in leather with burnout finish, it looks and feels like a well-loved vintage find.

The washed leather has beautiful color variations for depth and character. The fringe along the zip-front closure and back adds movement and cowboy flair. Other details like zippered pockets and snapped cuffs finish the western aesthetic.

Pros of this jacket are its incredibly soft leather with unique burnout finish and quality construction. The lighter color allows for versatile styling. And it provides a slim, flattering silhouette.

Potential cons are that the burnout leather may age faster and be prone to staining. And the snug fit doesn’t allow for layering underneath.

This Lucky Brand fringe jacket shines for laidback weekends and running errands. Its vintage style also looks right at home at a country concert or music festival. Leaner frames will benefit most from the tailored fit.

To style this fringe jacket, pair it with broken-in denim, canvas kicks or Chelsea boots, and a graphic tee for an effortless look. You can also dress it up with black jeans and boots for a night out.

4. Polo Ralph Lauren Suede Fringe Jacket

For a luxe take on the western fringe jacket, turn to Polo Ralph Lauren’s version made from soft suede. The earthy brown suede has a smooth, velvety texture that dresses up this style.

Signature Ralph Lauren detailing like the southwestern inspired embroidery on the back and fringed suede tassels on the front make this jacket truly special. Other features include a full zip front, notched lapels, and zippered pockets.

Pros of this suede fringe jacket are its premium materials, quality construction, and craftsmanship details. The lighter color and fabric make it a versatile layering piece. It also provides a polished silhouette perfect for refined looks.

Potential cons are the delicate suede requires meticulous care and the higher price tag. Also, the regular fit may not complement fuller figures.

This Ralph Lauren fringe jacket shines for dressier occasions like date night or drinks with friends. It works well in the office layered over an OCBD and trousers. The suede makes it perfect for transitioning between seasons like wearing over a sweater in fall.

For styling, pair with other refined pieces like leather loafers, button down shirts, and wool trousers. Stick to muted color palettes to allow the jacket to pop as the statement piece.

5. Reiss Darwin Suede Fringe Jacket

Our final pick, Reiss’ Darwin fringe jacket, is crafted from super soft suede in a rich chocolate brown hue. It captures the free-spirited nature of the western aesthetic while still feeling contemporary.

It features a slim, tailored fit that flatters without constricting. The neckline dips into a subtle V-shape and the shoulders have light padding for structure. The suede fringe trims the front placket and decorates the sleeves.

Pros of this Reiss fringe jacket are its modern streamlined fit and incredibly soft suede. It works for both casual and dressy looks with the rich color being endlessly versatile. High-end details like branded satin lining elevate the construction.

Potential cons are the slimmer fit may not suit fuller figures. And the shorter length means you may need to size up for adequate coverage.

This jacket is ideal for the office with trousers and an OCBD or nights out with dark jeans and Chelsea boots. The fine suede gives it a refined edge that works year-round. It’s perfect for slimmer men who still want a slightly slouchy feel.

For styling, layer over neutral colored tees and shirts to let the jacket pop. Contrast the texture with woven trousers or layer over a cable knit sweater in colder months.

How To Choose The Right Fringe Leather Jacket

Now that you’ve seen the vintage cowboy style that fringe leather jackets impart, how do you choose the right one for your wardrobe? Here are tips to find your perfect leather fringe jacket.

Consider your body type and build

Fringe leather jackets come in a wide range of silhouettes from slim to oversized. Make sure to try it on and choose a cut that complements your build. Athletic and slimmer frames tend to look best in slim or tailored fits. If you have a fuller figure, avoid oversized jackets which can overwhelm your frame.

Make sure it aligns with your personal style

Do you want an authentic vintage cowboy look or a more refined modern take on fringe? Knowing your style will help narrow down leather types, colors and silhouette. If you’re outdoorsy and laidback, a broken-in suede or burnout leather pair well with casual wear. For a polished edge, sleek leather in black, brown or tan offers versatility.

Pay attention to material and quality

Fringe jackets come in leather, suede or faux leather. Make sure yours is made from quality materials, preferably real leather, for longevity. Check it has quality hardware that won’t tarnish and sturdy lining that won’t rip. High quality materials like thick cowhide leather will last for years.

Look for versatile colors like black, brown, tan

While the western aesthetic evokes daring colors and prints, leather fringe jackets look most versatile and timeless in black, brown or tan. Neutral leather jackets will pair well with items already in your wardrobe. Plus they make great foundational pieces you can build outfits around.

Determine your budget

Leather fringe jackets range widely in price. Make sure to set a budget and stick with it. Cheaper versions may use faux leather or thinner materials that won’t last. High quality real leather will likely cost more but prove a worthwhile investment. Decide what balance of quality and price works for your lifestyle.

FAQs About Men’s Fringe Leather Jackets

How can I style a fringe leather jacket for a night out?

A fringe leather jacket instantly elevates a night out look. Pair it with dark wash jeans, leather boots or dress shoes, and a button down or fitted tee. Finish with a statement belt buckle for a cowboy cool vibe.

For a dressier look, wear the fringe jacket over black jeans and Chelsea boots with a crisp white button down. You can also layer over an all-black outfit consisting of trousers, turtleneck and boots.

What trousers pair best with a fringe leather jacket?

To balance the western ruggedness of a fringe leather jacket, pair it with trousers in refined fabrics like wool blends or linen. Grey, black or tan trousers complement neutral leather jackets well.

Chinos, corduroys or slim cut dress pants work well for casual looks. Pleated wool trousers paired with Chelsea boots create a refined finish for nights out.

Are fringe jackets still in style?

Fringe leather jackets are absolutely still in style! What was once associated solely with cowboys has become a versatile wardrobe staple. The fringe jacket imparts a sense of ruggedness and movement that feels both vintage and modern.

Leather jackets with fringe offer an easy way to add a touch of Americana flair. And they pair well with so many current trends like western boots, graphic tees, and loose trousers.

How do I care for a leather fringe jacket?

Caring for leather fringe requires some special considerations. Avoid getting the fringe wet and allow to fully dry before storing to prevent damage. Use leather cleaner and conditioner to nourish the jacket.

When hanging, use wide shoulder hangers to support the weight of the leather and fringe. Store with cedar blocks to absorb moisture and maintain shape. Bring to a leather specialist for deep cleaning when needed.

With the proper care, a quality leather fringe jacket will last for years as a stylish wardrobe investment.


Fringe leather jackets are the ultimate way to add cowboy cool edge to your look. With so many styles ranging from vintage to modern, there’s an option for any guy’s personal tastes.

The top fringe leather jackets offer quality leather or suede construction with iconic western fringe details to incorporate a touch of Americana flair. Whether you opt for a rugged Lucky Brand burnout leather version or refined Reiss suede jacket, you really can’t go wrong.

Just be sure to consider your build, style and budget to choose the perfect leather fringe jacket for you. Taking care of quality leather means your jacket will last for seasons of effortless cowboy style.

So next time you want to add bold impact to your look, reach for a leather fringe jacket. A few swaying leather tassels instantly impart an artsy, rebellious vibe. Trust us, your outfit will thank you. It’s time to embrace your inner cowboy!

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