Cozy Up This Season with the Top Corduroy Women’s Blazers

The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting cooler, and pumpkin spice everything is back on menus. You know what that means – it’s time to break out those fall fashion staples like corduroy! After years out of the spotlight, corduroy is having a major style comeback right now. Those familiar parallel ribs that define corduroy make it the perfect fabric for the cozy vibes of autumn.

While corduroy pants get a lot of love this time of year, corduroy blazers deserve just as much attention. A corduroy blazer is the perfect lightweight jacket to throw on when you need an extra layer for brisk days and cool nights. The slight stretch and soft feel of corduroy combined with the tailored yet relaxed silhouette of a blazer creates a casually polished look that works for everything from running errands to meeting friends for coffee.

In this post, we’ll highlight the top 5 most popular corduroy women’s blazers on the market right now. We’ll give tips on how to choose the best corduroy blazer for your personal style and budget. And we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about how to care for and style these versatile jackets.

The Coveted Top 5 Corduroy Women’s Blazers Right Now

Corduroy blazers come in a range of stylish cuts, from timeless boyfriend silhouettes to updated oversized fits. They are made in an array of colors too, from neutral tans and blacks to rich jewel tones and fun printed patterns. Here are the 5 corduroy women’s blazers that are getting the most love this season:

1. Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Corduroy Trucker Jacket

This iconic Levi’s jacket gets an autumnal upgrade with soft corduroy fabric. It has the signature trucker shape with a loose, relaxed fit through the body and arms. The front is cut slightly longer for easy layering. And it has the expected denim jacket details like side welt pockets, button front, and a foldover collar. The tan corduroy fabric gives it a vintage 70s vibe while still looking modern. At around $98, this bestselling jacket is an affordable go-to.

2. Everlane The Oversized Corduroy Blazer

Known for their commitment to ethical factories and quality materials, Everlane put a stylish spin on the classic corduroy blazer. This oversized design is made of soft organic cotton corduroy that conforms to your body. It has dropped shoulders, notched lapels, a double button closure, and roomy patch pockets. Coming in both black and light bone, it looks chic with the cuffs rolled up. This splurge piece retails for about $198.

3. J.Crew Icon Corduroy Blazer in Vintage Wash

J.Crew has perfected the art of preppy staples, and their Icon blazer proves they know how to make corduroy look polished yet playful. Made in soft cotton, the vintage wash gives it a faded finish. The traditional two button closure and notched collar combined with the slightly shrunken fit provides structure. But the kimono-style sleeves, patch pockets, and choice of uplifting colors like lilac, yellow, and crimson make it fun. Around $198.

4. Target Universal Thread Oversized Corduroy Blazer

With its on-trend oversized fit and $40 price tag, this Target find is the perfect budget-friendly corduroy blazer option. The cotton/polyester blend has a soft feel and the hip length flatters a range of figures. It comes in both solid black and a tan/cream buffalo check perfect for fall. Notch lapels, flap pockets, and front button closure finish the look. Reviews mention the arms run slightly long but otherwise the fit is great.

5. Anthropologie Almila Relaxed Corduroy Blazer

Anthropologie is known for their unique, dressy takes on casual styles. Case in point is this relaxed corduroy blazer made of super soft cotton with added stretch. It has an easy, menswear-inspired vibe but curved seams, a slim shawl collar, and front patch pockets keep it flattering and feminine. It comes in solids like navy, light gray, and camel as well as fun polka dot and floral prints. Around $130.

While prices and silhouettes differ, all five blazers are made of soft, durable cotton corduroy in on-trend cuts. They range from iconic styles to contemporary updates of a wardrobe staple. Keep reading for tips on choosing the corduroy blazer that’s right for you.

How to Pick the Perfect Corduroy Blazer for Your Style

Corduroy blazers check a lot of boxes – they are comfortable, versatile, on-trend, and give off an effortless vibe. But with so many cord options out there, how do you choose the right one for your wardrobe? Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Consider Your Usual Style and Wardrobe Colors

First, think about the look you gravitate towards. Are you more tailored and sleek or do you like things oversized and relaxed? Do you stick to neutral solids or are you drawn to bold colors and fun prints? Your personal style preferences will help narrow the field.

Also, consider what’s already represented in your closet. Choose corduroy blazer hues that will be easy to match with pieces you already own and wear frequently. Go for neutrals like black, tan, navy or gray if your closet is already loaded with patterns and brights.

Pay Attention to Fabric Weight and Feel

Corduroy’s signature texture is made by weaving ridges into the fabric. But the depth of those ridges and overall weight of the fabric can vary. Some corduroy is lightweight and feels more delicate, while others are thicker and more durable.

If you want something super soft and flexible that drapes nicely, look for lighter 9 or 11 wale corduroy. Wale refers to the number of ridge rows per inch. The fewer the wale number, the wider each ridge will be. For more structure and warmth, go for a 7 or 5 wale fabric.

Touch and feel corduroy whenever you can to get a sense of the softness and heft. Move your hand across the fabric – it should maintain its striped texture and spring back when crushed.

Consider the Structure and Shoulder Padding

Some corduroy blazers are completely unlined for a relaxed, vintage look. But others have full linings to help the blazer hold its shape and provide warmth.

Shoulder pads also impact structure. Subtle shoulder padding provides a bit more sleekness while unpadded or lightly padded shoulders create a softer, more casual vibe.

Whether you like your blazers tailored or prefer slouchy shapes will help determine the right lining and padding.

Pay Attention to Length, Collars, and Pocket Details

Hip length blazers that end just below the waist tend to be most versatile for pairing with various tops and pants. But cropped and oversized lengths can also be fun.

Notch, shawl, and slim collars are all stylish options too. Notch collars are traditional and polished while shawl collars feel more free-spirited. Slim collars are a more modern, streamlined take.

As for pockets, welt and flap are better at keeping items securely tucked inside compared to patch pockets. But patch pockets are casual and classic. Consider if you’ll use the pockets just for looks or actually need them to hold essentials.

Factor In Your Budget

The good news is corduroy blazers are available at nearly every price point. You can find great options for $50 and under from brands like Target and Old Navy. Mall brands like J.Crew and Banana Republic have them for around $100-$200. And designer versions can run over $300-$400.

Set a budget and look for corduroy blazers in your price range that also check your personal boxes for color, cut, softness and structure. Compromise on things like fabric content and lining type if needed to get the right look and feel. With so many choices out there, you can find a quality corduroy blazer to meet both style and budget needs.

Caring for Your Corduroy Blazer: Washing, Drying and Storage Tips

Corduroy is pretty low maintenance as fabrics go. But there are still a few habits that will extend the life of your corduroy blazer and keep it looking fabulous season after season. Here are some tips for proper care:

Only Wash When Truly Soiled

The ridges in corduroy can collect dust and dirt, so occasional washing is needed. But you can typically go quite a few full wears before it requires laundering. Spot clean minor stains in between full washes. Washing too often can speed pilling.

Machine Wash Cold and Line Dry

When it is time to wash your corduroy blazer, turn it inside out first. This keeps the exterior fabric from catching and pilling in the wash cycle. Wash on a gentle cycle in cold water, then line dry or lay flat to dry. Avoid hot water and heat drying as it can shrink and damage corduroy’s texture.

Steam Instead of Ironing Whenever Possible

The textured ribs and soft feel of corduroy make it prone to flattening and damage from ironing. Use an iron very sparingly on low heat if needed to smooth out wrinkles. But steaming is really the best and safest option to restore shape and smoothness. Hang in a steamy bathroom or use a handheld steamer to relax wrinkles without damaging the fabric.

Store Properly on Thick Hangers

Thin wire hangers can stretch out the shoulders of blazers. Instead, invest in some sturdy wooden or thick plastic hangers. Make sure your closet has enough space between items to keep the blazer’s shape intact. If space is tight, use a well-ventilated garment bag when storing.

Follow these care steps and your corduroy blazer will maintain its supple texture and keep looking fabulous for many seasons of wear.

Your Most Pressing Corduroy Blazer Questions – Answered!

Still have some questions about rocking the corduroy blazer trend? Below we answer some of the most frequently asked corduroy care and style questions:

Is corduroy too informal for the office or professional settings?

Corduroy blazers can definitely work for the office, especially if styled purposefully. Choose a tailored cut in a neutral color like black, tan or gray. Pair with a crisp button down or blouse, tailored trousers or a leather skirt, and sleek loafers or boots. Limit accessories to elevate the look. A professional hairstyle and makeup completes the polished ensemble.

Help, my corduroy blazer is getting those little fuzzy pills all over it! How do I stop this from happening?

Those pesky pills are the bane of any corduroy wearer’s existence. They form when short fibers break free from the ridges and tangle into knots. Using a small fabric shaver is the easiest way to remove existing pills without damaging the jacket.

To prevent future pilling, only wash when needed, line dry out of the dryer, and don’t overload closet space. Stick to similar fabrics when layering to avoid abrasion and only wash with like colors. With some care when wearing and washing, you can minimize those annoying pills.

Can I only wear corduroy blazers in cold weather or are they stylish in spring and summer too?

One of the best qualities of the corduroy blazer is its versatility to transition through seasons. A lighter weight jacket in a fun color or print looks great with a tank and jeans or sundress. Neutral lightweight blazers layer nicely under spring coats.

For warm summer nights, wear an unlined corduroy blazer with shorts or a skirt. Just make sure to choose light fabrics and colors best suited for the temperatures. Darker hues fit better in fall/winter while light tans or whites work great for the warmer months.

What are the most versatile corduroy blazer colors for my wardrobe?

Black, navy, tan, light gray, and ivory or off-white corduroy blazers are all extremely versatile. These neutral colors pair effortlessly with other items already in your closet. They work for both dressy and casual looks and can transition throughout the year.

Rich jewel tones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire are trendy options that add a pop of color. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral to let the fun hue stand out. Buffalo checks in black and white or tan and cream also have a vintage vibe perfect for fall and winter wear.

Cozy Up To Cool Weather in Your Corduroy Blazer

As colder weather returns, few jackets feel as perfect as a corduroy blazer. The soft texture and lightweight feel make it the ideal layering piece. Whether you opt for a classic neutral like black or tan or make a vibrant color statement, corduroy brings a relaxed polish.

Use the tips in this post to zero in on the ideal corduroy blazer for your personal style. Look for one with great drape and movement that flatters your shape. With proper care for washing and storage, your corduroy blazer will become a staple of comfort and style for seasons to come.

So shake off those summer sundresses and breezy tops. Cozy up to chillier days in a timeless corduroy blazer that you’ll reach for again and again. Let us know in the comments about your favorite corduroy blazers and how you like to wear them!

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