Elevate Your Style: A Guide to Rocking Heeled Shoes With Ankle Straps

Take your outfits to new heights with a chic pair of heeled shoes featuring slim ankle straps. This timeless shoe style instantly dresses up any look while lending a touch of elegance.

Ankle strapped heels have been gracing fashionable feet for decades, and it’s easy to see why. The slim strap adds delicate interest while also providing security and comfort. Unlike a regular pump which can slide off the heel, the ankle strap keeps your foot firmly in place.

For many wearers, the strap also increases stability in a heel, making wobbling less likely. By bringing attention to the slimmest part of the leg, the ankle strap has an elongating effect, making legs appear longer and more slender.

This flattering detail allows you to comfortably wear higher heels that might otherwise prove tricky to walk in. Heeled shoes with an ankle strap are the perfect pick for those who want height and polish without compromising on comfort and security.

From dainty stilettos to sturdy block heels, this shoe style is versatile enough for work, date nights, parties and everything in between. Whether you prefer barely-there straps or bold wide bands, minimalist designs or lavish embellishments, there’s an ankle strap heel to suit your personal style.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve rounded up the top five heeled shoes with ankle straps dominating footwear trends right now. We’ll also share insider tips on how to pick the perfect pair to play up your own fashion sense and keep your feet happy.

Let’s get started!

The Top 5 Heeled Shoes With Ankle Straps

When it comes to heeled shoes with slender ankle straps, today’s offerings prove you can have it all. From posh Parisian elegance to beachy boho chic, brands are combining delicate straps with every type of heel under the sun.

Here are our top five picks showcasing the ankle strap heel in all its versatile glory:

1. Sam Edelman Hazel Pump

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn in these polished black pumps by Sam Edelman. The Hazel features a pointed toe, stiletto heel, and double straps for extra support. Subtle gold detailing on the straps and back counter add a hint of shine.

Pros: True to size, comfortable 4-inch heel, elegant style

Cons: Runs narrow, delicate for heavy wear

Ideal For: Work, formal events, nights out

Price: $130-$150

The Hazel is available on Zappos, Nordstrom, and SamEdelman.com. It comes in both black leather and nude colors to match everything in your wardrobe.

2. Valentino Rockstud Caged Sandal

Bring the wow factor in these head-turning sandals from Valentino. Rows of polished studs embellish multiple slim straps across the front and ankle for a caged effect. Perched on a 4-inch stiletto heel, this style means business.

Pros: Striking Italian design, versatile neutral tone, comfortable fit

Cons: Expensive, studs may damage easily

Ideal For: Special events, making a statement

Price: $1,075

Part of Valentino’s iconic Rockstud collection, the caged sandal is available on Saks Fifth Avenue and the Valentino website.

3. Steve Madden Carrson Sandal

Steve Madden brings the ankle strap heel down to earth with this boho-inspired sandal. Woven leather straps criss-cross the top of the foot and fasten at the ankle for a relaxed vibe. The stacked block heel creates flattering height without compromising comfort.

Pros: Cushioned insole, on-trend style, budget-friendly price

Cons: Straps lack padding, runs narrow

Ideal For: Casual daywear, summer parties

Price: $70 – $90

Pick from neutral, metallic, and animal print options on Zappos, Nordstrom Rack, DSW, and Macy’s.

4. Schutz Cadey-Lee Sandal

Walk the line between chic and bold in these vivid sandals from Brazilian brand Schutz. Suede straps in bright colors like red, pink, and cobalt wrap the ankle for anchor support. The sleek stiletto heel is sensual yet sturdy.

Pros: Eye-catching palette, quality materials, padded insole

Cons: Runs small, delicate straps

Ideal For: Making a colorful statement, nights out

Price: $170

Available in a rainbow of shades on Revolve, Farfetch, and Schutz-shoes.com.

5. Everlane The Editor Heel

Minimalists will gravitate towards Everlane’s Editor heel. The simple suede ankle tie provides security while letting the wearer’s outfit take center stage. The angular 45mm heel strikes an elegant balance.

Pros: Made of Italian suede, walkable heel height, comfortable fit

Cons: Limited color and size options, delicate material

Ideal For: Work, everyday wear, versatile style

Price: $165

Shop The Editor heel in black, bone, and sienna suede on Everlane.com.

With so many options, how do you narrow down the perfect ankle strap heel for your needs? Read on for tips on choosing the right pair.

How to Select the Perfect Ankle Strap Heels for You

Heeled shoes with ankle straps may all follow the same formula, but subtle variations make each pair unique.

Consider the following factors when shopping to find your dream ankle-tied heels:

Mind the Heel Height

Heel heights for ankle strap shoes can range from demure kitten heels to dramatic 6-inch stilettos.

When selecting heel height, take into account your comfort level, how long you need to wear the shoes, and the event you’re dressing for.

For versatile heels that go the distance from work to weekend, stick with 2 to 3 inch heels. This gives you added height without compromising comfort or stability.

Save taller 4-5 inch heels for special occasions when you don’t have to be on your feet all day. And practice walking in them at home first!

If you’re new to heels, start low with 1-2 inch block heels or wedges to get your footing. Build up height as you feel steady.

Match the Straps to the Shoe

Ankle straps come in a variety of materials like leather, suede, canvas, elastic, ribbon, and mesh.

Strap material should complement the overall shoe. Delicate satin straps suit feminine pumps while woven leather fits in with boho-chic styles.

Metallic, patent, or glittering straps pair well with dressy heels. Sturdy elastic straps lend a sporty vibe.

Strap width ranges from barely-there spaghetti straps to wide cuff-like bands. Play with different proportions to find your fit.

Wider straps provide more support and stability while slender straps feel daintier. Mixing materials, like leather and elastic, can also be striking.

Pay Attention to Strap Placement

Where the ankle strap sits on your foot impacts comfort and style.

A strap across the lower ankle minimizes rubbing while also lengthening the leg. Place ankle straps too high, however, and they cut off the leg in an unflattering spot.

Aim for straps that cross your ankle bone 1-2 inches above the ankle for ideal proportions. Straps should fit smoothly without biting in.

Shallow strap placement closer to the toe can cause irritation around the ankle bone. But it can also have a slimming effect visually.

Consider Closure Types

From buckles to slingbacks, ankle strap shoes feature different closures that affect fit.

Buckled straps allow you to adjust tension. Look for padded buckles that won’t dig into skin. A buckle also enables you to loosen straps as needed.

Elasticized straps provide give but may lose their stretch over time. Slip-on slingback straps stay put yet are easy to remove.

Some tie straps give you the most adjustability. Opt for ribbons over plain straps for decorative flair.

Get the Proper Fit

Ankle straps cinch shoes close to your foot for security. But the snug fit also means strapped heels can run small.

When trying on styles, do the “finger test.” You should be able to slide one finger between your ankle and the strap when buckled.

Too tight and straps will irritate skin and pinch nerves. Too loose and your foot will slide around.

Focus on overall toe box roominess and watch that heel slippage doesn’t occur. Proper length prevents squished toes and discomfort.

Choose Footbed and Lining Carefully

Cushioning along with soft linings prevent blisters when wearing ankle strap heels.

Footbeds with extra arch support, memory foam, or gel pads cushion feet during wear. Contoured, molded footbeds prevent sliding.

Breathable cotton, microfiber, or leather linings wick away moisture and prevent irritation. Rubbing and blisters result from poor linings.

Inspect footbeds before buying shoes. Remove insoles and press down to ensure ample padding.

Try On Both Shoes

It’s tempting to try on just one shoe when shopping in a rush. But it’s crucial to try shoes on both feet.

Feet are rarely perfectly symmetrical, so the fit can differ from right to left. The ankle strap also hits each foot a little differently.

Never assume both shoes will fit the same. Take time to walk around the store and make adjustments so shoes feel comfortable and secure bilaterally.

Shop late in the day when feet are most swollen for an accurate gauge of fit. Break shoes in at home before a big event.

Match to Occasion and Outfit

The versatility of the ankle strap heel allows it to work for all sorts of events. But some styles fare better than others in specific settings.

Delicate stiletto ankle straps suit cocktail parties and dinner dates, while block heeled versions feel dressy yet down to earth.

Intricately embellished heels make a splash at luxe formal affairs. Simple tie straps blend into professional workplaces seamlessly.

Consider heel color as well – metallics for nights out, neutral nudes for everyday, pops of color to make a statement.

Style shoes with outfits featuring hemlines above the ankle to showcase the straps. Ankle straps balance out mini skirts or dresses perfectly.

Care for Your Shoes

Since heeled shoes with ankle straps hug your foot closely, treat them with care to prevent issues.

Use shoe inserts and padded moleskin to prevent strap irritation and blisters. Place gel pads under ball of foot.

For leather and suede straps, condition frequently with protective creams and sprays. Use waterproofing spray to prevent staining.

Disinfect insoles and let shoes fully dry out between wears to prevent bacteria buildup.

When not wearing, stuff shoes with tissue to retain shape. Store in dust bags away from direct heat or sunlight.

Visit a cobbler periodically to repair straps, replace heels, and keep shoes in top condition.

We Hope You’re Now Ready to Find Your Perfect Ankle Strap Heels!

Ankle strapped high heels offer elegance, security, and allure all in one feminine package. Following our tips will help you select a pair that checks all your boxes for style, comfort, and versatility.

We recommend trying on different heel heights, materials, strap placements and widths to discover which options you like best. Consider your lifestyle and wardrobe when deciding between dressy, casual, and in-between styles.

Properly caring for your new heels helps justify the investment. With the right fit and care, they’ll elevate every outfit with grace and confidence!

Let us know if you have any other questions about rocking heeled shoes with slender ankle straps. We’d love to help you find your favorites and walk with confidence and style.

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