Find Your Perfect Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt With This Complete Guide

The long-sleeve polo shirt has become an increasingly popular garment for men who want a top that bridges the gap perfectly between short-sleeve polos and formal button-downs. While still casual and easy to wear, the long-sleeve polo provides a bit more coverage for your arms and an overall more polished look. At the same time, the best long-sleeve polos maintain the breathability, moisture wicking properties, and versatility that make short-sleeve polos a staple.

However, finding that ideal long-sleeve polo can sometimes be trickier than it looks. You want the fit to be just right while also choosing high-quality, comfortable fabrics that align with your planned uses. Understanding what details to look for and which brands design the best long-sleeve polos will help ensure you end up with ones that become beloved additions to your closet.

This complete guide to long-sleeve polo shirts for men covers everything you need to know. You’ll learn the key benefits of long-sleeve polos, what to look for in terms of fit and fabric, get recommendations for the top 5 brands, discover how to properly style them, care for them, and finally have frequently asked questions answered. Consider this your master class in identifying and wearing the perfect long-sleeve polo!

Why You Should Add Long-Sleeve Polos to Your Wardrobe

So what exactly makes long-sleeve polos so versatile and worth including in your casual to business casual wardrobe? Here are some of the standout benefits:

  • Provides light warmth – The slightly longer sleeves offer a bit more coverage and warmth, making long-sleeve polos ideal for cooler weather when a short-sleeve feels too skimpy. But they are still breathable enough to layer comfortably.
  • More coverage than short-sleeves – If you occasionally want your arms covered without the formality of a full button-down, a long-sleeve polo nicely fills this niche.
  • Performance fabrics – Many long-sleeve polos today are made from technical fabrics with moisture wicking properties to keep you dry.
  • Looks sharper than a t-shirt – A polo collar automatically elevates the look to be a bit dressed up over a crew neck or v-neck tee.
  • Works for multiple occasions – Easy to dress up or down seamlessly. Pairs well with anything casual like jeans to business casual trousers and blazers.
  • Layers under sport coats and blazers – The polo collar doesn’t bunch up under structured layers.

Clearly the long-sleeve polo provides the ideal marriage of casual comfort with refined style. Now let’s get into the finer details of finding one that looks tailor-made for you.

How to Find the Perfect Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt Fit

Fit is always critical when clothes shopping, but especially for a versatile garment like the long-sleeve polo that you’ll want to wear on repeat. Here are the key areas to evaluate to determine that exemplary long-sleeve polo fit:

  • Length – A proper fitting polo will fall around the mid-hip area without blousing out or looking oversized. Standing with arms relaxed at your sides, the bottom hem should hit right above the hips.
  • Shoulders – The shoulder seams should align neatly with the edge of your actual shoulder for a natural line. Poor shoulder fit throws everything else off.
  • Sleeves – Long-sleeve polos look best when the sleeves hit just above the wrist bone, revealing the slightest hint of your shirt cuff. Avoid sleeves that are baggy or billowy in the forearm and bicep.
  • Chest/waist – Get your actual chest circumference measurement to determine size. The chest and waist should have enough room to layer a light jacket underneath but not look boxy.
  • Armholes – Check that the armholes aren’t too low or too tight under the arms, inhibiting mobility. Move your arms to make sure you have a comfortable range.
  • Collar – The collar should properly frame your neck without gaping open or feeling too constricting. The edges should lay flat.

Don’t hesitate to try several sizes of the same style to nail down the optimal tailored fit that still feels easy-wearing. A long-sleeve polo that fits just right can practically feel like a second skin.

Fabrics That Make the Best Long-Sleeve Polos

Polo shirts come in a wide array of fabrics with different textures, weights, and properties that factor into performance and feel. Consider the following when deciding which long-sleeve polo fabrics suit your needs:

Pique Cotton

The classic fabric known for giving polos their signature ribbed texture. Cotton pique provides structure and a slightly textured look while still remaining breathable and light enough for layering. The ribs make it a bit thicker than jersey knit.


A lightweight, smooth knit cotton that drapes nicely and feels ultra-soft against the skin. Jersey polos have a dressier look thanks to the fluid drape. But the fabric can lose its shape more easily.

Interlock Knit

This is a smooth, finely knit fabric that resists shrinking or pilling. It has natural stretch and recovery power making it a good choice for an athleisure polo. Not as lightweight as jersey but smoother than pique.


Synthetic microfiber fabrics make for soft, breathable polos that resist wrinkles. They have a nice polished sheen and hold their shape extremely well.


Mesh polo shirts have ultra-breathable open knit fabric panels ideal for sweat wicking during athletic activities. This fabric keeps you cooler in warmer weather.


A brushed and cozy cotton flannel polo has casual flair perfect for layering under shackets and jackets. The softness adds comfort during the colder months.

When deciding on fabric, consider blends versus 100% cotton, the weight and breathability, stretchiness, pilling risk, wrinkling tendencies, softness, and how the material will feel against your skin. Be sure any technical fabrics match your intended polo shirt uses.

The Top 5 Long-Sleeve Polo Brands for Men

Now that you know how to identify that just-right fit and which characteristics to look for in fabric, it’s time to explore some of the top brands designing excellent long-sleeve polos. For each brand overview, we highlight their signature polo style, fit, popular fabrics used, price points and where to find them.

1. Banana Republic

Known for refining office and business casual wear in luxe materials, Banana Republic carries a vast array of smart long-sleeve polos. Look for high-end fabrics like merino wool, soft wash cottons and cashmere blends. Their tailored but relaxed fit flatters most body types.

Signature style: Heathered merino wool polo

Fit: Tailored but roomy through shoulders and chest

Fabrics: Merino wool, cotton, cashmere blends

Price: $$-$$$

Shop: Banana Republic stores and website

2. Lacoste

The French brand that invented the tennis polo shirt in the 1930s still produces iconic long-sleeve polos. Lacoste favors classic pique cotton with the signature embroidered crocodile logo. The fit is trim and true-to-size.

Signature style: Cotton pique polo with croc logo

Fit: Trim and true-to-size

Fabrics: Cotton, cotton pique

Price: $$$

Shop: Lacoste boutiques and website

3. Ralph Lauren

A leader in preppy East Coast inspired style, Ralph Lauren offers long-sleeve polos ranging from relaxed fit cotton to polished merino and slim-fit stretch fabrics. Signature elements include the pony logo and ribbed armbands.

Signature style: Cotton mesh polo with pony

Fit: Relaxed to tailored slim

Fabrics: Pique, jersey, mesh, merino wool

Price: $$-$$$

Shop: Ralph Lauren stores and website

4. Tommy Hilfiger

This global lifestyle brand gives the long-sleeve polo an all-American feel with bold flag logo designs and color-blocking. Their polos run the gamut from wearable cotton blends to performance fabrics with moisture management technology.

Signature style: Striped cotton jersey polo

Fit: Classic and true to size

Fabrics: Cotton, poly blends, cool max

Price: $$

Shop: Tommy Hilfiger stores and website

5. Vineyard Vines

Offering a country club take on menswear, Vineyard Vines imbues its long-sleeve polos with preppy personality. Signature embroidery like whales and diamond patterns make their polos anything but boring. The fit varies from classic to trim.

Signature style: Cotton poplin polo with whale logo

Fit: Classic to slim

Fabrics: Cotton, pique knit, poplin

Price: $$

Shop: Vineyard Vines stores and website

This list provides a nice mix of both fashion-forward and heritage brands to explore at multiple price points. Keeping budget in mind while aiming for quality materials and detailing will lead you to that perfect long-sleeve polo.

How to Style a Long-Sleeve Polo with Different Outfits

The beauty of a well-fitting long-sleeve polo is its seamless versatility from casual days to the office. Here are some tips for styling polos in different contexts.

Casual looks

  • With jeans, chinos or shorts in warm weather
  • Layered under casual shirt jackets and “shackets” for transitional weather
  • Half-tucked or always untucked for a relaxed vibe

Business casual outfits

  • Tucked or partially tucked into trousers
  • Cuffed sleeves add polish
  • Worn under an unstructured blazer or sport coat
  • Paired with casual wool pants or chinos

Ideal colors and patterns

  • Solids in neutral, muted, or bold colors
  • Classic stripes
  • Micro-prints and mini geometric patterns

Achieving “smart casual”

  • Balance tailoring with casual fabrics
  • Cuff sleeves and leave collar outside blazer
  • Prioritize fit over sizing up for layering

With thoughtful styling, the long-sleeve polo transitions seamlessly from running weekend errands to putting in hours at the office. Use color, patterns, and layers to dial the look up or down.

Caring for Long-Sleeve Polos

To extend the longevity of your polo shirts and keep them looking sharp, follow these care and maintenance best practices:

  • Follow garment care labels – Especially for washing, drying and ironing to avoid damaging unique fabrics
  • Wash cold and hang dry – Helps prevent shrinkage, misshaping and fading
  • Use a delicate cycle and wash bag if needed to protect more fragile fabrics
  • Reshape while damp if polo comes out of washer/dryer wrinkled – hang to air dry
  • Iron inside out on low setting if needed to avoid damaging exterior fabric
  • Treat stains immediately – especially collar stains from body oils/lotions
  • Protect from pilling – store in garment bag and promptly remove any pills
  • Inspect for loose threads – clip them immediately to avoid bigger holes/runs
  • Consider professional wet cleaning for more delicate polo fabrics
  • Wash similar colors together to avoid any bleeding or discoloration
  • Turn polo inside out before washing to protect print and colors
  • Check seams and collars periodically for wear – repair before it worsens

Following this care advice will maintain the integrity and appearance of your favorite long-sleeve polos season after season.

Answers to Common Long-Sleeve Polo Questions

Let’s wrap up this comprehensive guide by answering some frequently asked questions about long-sleeve polo shirts:

Q: Are long-sleeve polos suitable for year-round wear or just colder seasons?

A: Lightweight styles in breathable fabrics work in warmer weather, but most long-sleeve polos are optimal for fall, spring and winter.

Q: Should long-sleeve polos be worn tucked or untucked?

A: It depends on personal preference, but they often look smart partially tucked to achieve that polished but relaxed “smart casual” aesthetic.

Q: What types of patterns and textures work best for long-sleeve polos?

A: Solids, stripes, micro-patterns all work well. Steer clear of loud/novelty prints or distracting embellishments.

Q: How can I get the collar on my polo to look right?

A: Starch or gently press the collar so it frames your neck properly and lies flat.

Q: Are long-sleeve polos appropriate to dress up for work?

A: Yes, paired with trousers, leather shoes and an unstructured sport coat or blazer.

Q: Are polos too casual for some more traditional office environments?

A: Perhaps – some more formal offices still require button-down shirts. Judge the norms and expectations.

Q: What are the ideal sleeve lengths for a tailored look?

A: Sleeves hitting just above the wrist bone maintain clean lines in the arm/forearm area.

Q: Should I size up for layering purposes?

A: Only go up a size at most – getting the right shoulder and chest fit is critical for how the polo drapes.

Q: What should I look for in terms of good armhole fit?

A: Having enough room to comfortably move your arms overhead without pulling across the chest.

Find Your Next Favorite Long-Sleeve Polo

Hopefully this detailed long-sleeve polo guide provided you with all the knowledge and brand recommendations needed to find your next perfect polo shirt. With an understanding of ideal fit, high-quality fabrics, versatile styling and proper care, your polo game will be elevated. Use the tips to shop with focus and purpose. The right long-sleeve polo soon becomes a staple you’ll keep reaching for again and again.

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