Keep Cozy All Season Long with the Best Flannel Shirts with Snap Buttons

As soon as the crisp autumn air arrives, it’s time to break out one of the most iconic cool weather staples: the flannel shirt. With their soft, brushed fabric and classic buffalo plaid patterns, flannel shirts embody the cozy, rustic aesthetic of fall and winter. Not only are they super warm and comfortable, but they also offer the versatility to be dressed up or down effortlessly.

While flannel shirts come in many button-up styles, ones with snap buttons have grown in popularity over the years. The snaps allow for easy on and off access without fumbling with tiny buttons. And unlike cheaper plastic snaps, quality flannel shirts feature sturdy, resin-based snaps that hold up well to repeat wear and laundering.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about flannel shirts with snap buttons. You’ll learn all about the benefits they offer, what to look for when shopping, style tips, care recommendations, and reviews of the top 5 on the market.

So grab your favorite beanie and a steaming mug of apple cider, and let’s delve into the wonderful world of snap-front flannel!

A Brief History of Flannel

Before flannel became the beloved fabric it is today, it originated centuries ago in Wales as a soft, loosely woven wool. In the 17th century, Welsh immigrants brought flannel with them to New England as a way to maintain warmth in the harsh winters.

As flannel grew in popularity in America, production shifted to cotton, which was easier to manufacture and more affordable. By the turn of the 20th century, flannel became a staple fabric for a variety of garments.

The famous buffalo plaid patterns emerged in the 1840s, inspired by Native American blankets. Lumberjacks and outdoor workers adopted the bold check prints for their durability and warmth. And so the classic look of the American flannel shirt was born!

While various cultural and style trends have influenced flannel over the decades, it remains an essential fabric today, especially for snap-front shirts.

Why Choose Flannel Shirts with Snap Buttons?

Beyond just their good looks, flannel shirts with snap buttons offer many practical benefits:

Unbeatable Warmth

The soft, brushed cotton flannel is perfect insulation against chilly weather. The loose weave traps air close to the body to retain heat. Flannel’s warmth stacks up well next to wool, plus it’s more affordable and easier to care for. No wonder lumberjacks favored flannel for long hours outdoors!

Easy On and Off

Trying to line up tiny shirt buttons after a long day can be a hassle. With snap shirts, you simply secure the large snap fasteners with a satisfying click for a secure closure. No fumbling required, even with cold fingers! Snaps also make it a cinch to pop open the shirt for some airflow if you get too hot.

Rugged Durability

Cotton flannel is naturally sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. When combined with quality stitching and thick snaps, the shirts can handle years of regular use. The snaps avoid the problem of lost buttons that plague some shirts. Just take care not to tug too hard and rip the snaps off.

Stylish Versatility

A flannel snap shirt transitions seamlessly from weekend wear to a night out. Pair it with jeans and boots for a casual daytime look. At night, throw it on over a T-shirt and switch the jeans for chinos to look sharp for the pub. Flannel also layers well under jackets and coats when the temps really drop.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder snap-front flannel shirts have secured their place in men’s fall and winter wardrobes. Timeless and practical never goes out of style!

What to Look for When Buying

Now that you’re sold on the merits of flannel snap shirts, let’s explore how to pick the best one for your needs:

Material – Pure Cotton Flannel is Best

While many flannels today contain polyester or other synthetic blends, 100% cotton is ideal for both softness and durability. Make sure to read labels and product details closely and select pure cotton flannel whenever possible. Blends may save money, but they sacrifice quality.

Weight – Choose Medium to Heavy Density

Flannel weight is measured in ounces per square yard (osy). For suitable warmth without being too bulky, look for flannel around 5-7osy for a midweight, or 7-9osy for heavy density. Lightweight flannel under 5osy won’t provide enough insulation.

Fit – Size Up if Between Sizes

Many flannel shirts are designed to fit trim. But for layering under or over other items, go a little bigger. If unsure between sizes, opt for sizing up to allow room to move. A tailored flannel defeats the purpose of it being a casual, comfortable piece.

Snaps – Resin Snaps Beat Plastic

Plastic snap buttons might be fine for light wear, but they can crack over time. Quality flannel shirts use more durable resin-based snaps that maintain their integrity. Resin snaps also generally have a satisfying, sturdy feel when fastening.

Snap Number – More Snaps Offer Flexibility

Traditional flannel shirts featured only 3-4 snaps, but many modern versions contain 6 or more. More snaps allow you to adjust the neckline and waist fit as desired. Look for shirts with snaps extending about halfway or further down the shirt front.

Pattern and Color – Plaid Is Most Iconic

Nothing matches the classic style of a buffalo plaid flannel in vibrant colors like red, blue, green and yellow. But solid color flannels can also be attractive for a minimalist look. Just stick to heritage colorways like black, olive, brown, tan, or heather gray.

Trusted Brands Speak to Quality

When investing in a quality flannel shirt, consider buying from an established brand. Companies like Pendleton, Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and Filson have cultivated reputations through decades of producing top-notch flannels. Don’t forget to check reviews too.

Now that you know what qualities to zero in on, it’s time to go flannel shirt shopping!

How to Style Flannel Shirts

One of the best aspects of flannel shirts is how versatile they are to wear:

Dress It Down for Casual Looks

  • A flannel shirt with jeans, boots, and a beanie or trucker hat offers a relaxed, weekend-ready vibe.
  • Layer over a henley or long-sleeve tee for warmth, leaving the flannel unbuttoned.
  • Pop the collar and pair with an untucked button-down for casual cool.
  • Cargo or utility pants along with workman boots make flannel right at home on the job.

Elevate It for Smart Casual Outfits

  • Upgrade dark jeans to chinos and add loafers or Chelsea boots for sharp casual style.
  • A casual sportcoat or blazer can offset the casualness of flannel for a smart look.
  • Leave the flannel unbuttoned and layer over an OCBD or flannel-lined shirt.
  • Avoid heavily distressed flannels and stick to minimal patterns for a polished aesthetic.

Layer It Like a Pro

  • Flannel is ideal over a T-shirt and beneath a denim or leather jacket when you need serious warmth.
  • Try wearing it over a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt for a streetwear vibe.
  • Unbuttoned flannel shirts pair well over thermal base layers and henleys too.
  • Have fun mixing different plaid patterns and textures like flannel over sweater.

Dial Up the Style With Accessories

  • A beanie, baseball cap, or fedora can add extra flair to a flannel shirt look.
  • Scarves in complementary colors lend an extra layer of warmth and style.
  • Make it your own with cool pins and patches attached to the chest pocket.
  • Thicker leather belts help balance the casual looseness of an open flannel.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Buy 100% cotton flannel for best durability
  • Wear over T-shirts and henleys for easy layering
  • Size up if between sizes for comfortable movement
  • DON’T:
  • Wash frequently or use fabric softener to maintain texture
  • Wear skin tight – leave room for air to circulate
  • Ignore loose snaps/buttons – repair promptly to avoid bigger holes

Have fun exploring all the possibilities! Flannel shirts only get better with age and wear.

Caring for Your Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts may be rugged, but they still require some care to keep them looking and feeling their best:

Gentle Hand Washing

Only wash flannel when truly dirty. Use a gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergent; never use bleach. Washing too often, especially in hot water, causes fading and the flannel will lose its cozy texture over time.

Hang to Dry or Low Heat Drying

Tumble drying can damage flannel, so it’s safest to hang dry shirts after washing. If you need to machine dry, use the lowest heat setting and remove immediately when finished to prevent over-drying. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles before wearing or storing.

Iron Inside Out At Medium Heat

If flannel becomes wrinkled from washing or wearing, ironing can freshen it up. But direct heat can damage the brushed fibers. Iron inside out at medium temperature to avoid scorching the outer fabric. Make sure to check fiber content first though, as some synthetic blends are heat sensitive.

Store Properly Between Wears

When not being worn, neatly fold or hang flannel shirts to prevent excessive wrinkling and seam strain. Store in a closet or drawer away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Keeping the snaps fastened also retains the shape and minimizes distortion.

Treat your flannel with care and it will treat you well for many seasons to come!

The Top 5 Men’s Flannel Snap Shirts

After all this talk about the perfect flannel snap shirt, let’s look at five premium options that are well worth your investment:

1. Pendleton Men’s Canyon Flannel Shirt

Pendleton is a heritage brand synonymous with quality flannel. Made of 100% cotton in a classic buffalo plaid, this midweight flannel shirt oozes vintage appeal. The cut is generously sized for layering and movement. Resin snaps run from neckline to hem for full adjustability. And it’s proudly made in the USA.


  • Timeless styling and colors
  • Durable midweight pure cotton flannel
  • Made in USA craftsmanship


  • Only available in classic plaid patterns – no solids

Price: $115

2. Patagonia Men’s Fjord Flannel Snap-T Shirt

Patagonia adds its eco-friendly touch to these casual flannel snap shirts. The flannel is made from organic cotton dyed with low-impact dyes. The fit is relaxed but not sloppy, great for outdoor adventures. It features 6 snaps, a back yoke and chest pocket.


  • Organic and sustainably made
  • Relaxed fit allows layering
  • Cool color options like buffalo check and blue chambray


  • Runs large so sizing can be tricky

Price: $99

3. L.L. Bean Men’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt

This offering from the Maine-based outdoor brand represents a great value flannel shirt. The cotton flannel is midweight with a soft, lived-in feel. The tailored, true-to-size fit lays flat for a sharper look. Snaps extend 3/4 down the front and a back yoke enhance durability.


  • High quality without the premium price
  • True-to-size tailored fit
  • Made in Portugal craftsmanship


  • Limited colors and patterns available

Price: $59.95

4. Orvis Men’s Extra-Long Tail Flannel Shirt

Stand out from the flannel crowd with Orvis’ unique double shirt tail design. The extra length in back and rounded shirttail side panels add flair while keeping warm. The soft-washed pure cotton flannel pairs with any jeans or chinos. An interior necktaping and split yoke boost comfort.


  • Signature extended tail style
  • Soft enzyme washed flannel
  • True-to-size fit


  • Only available in classic buffalo plaids

Price: $98

5. Filson Men’s Alaskan Guide Flannel Shirt

Embrace rugged, outdoorsy style with Filson’s snap flannel. The custom-developed flannel fabric has a thick, blanket-like feel. It’s lined in soft cotton plaid for added warmth. The classic cut allows layering over a Henley or tee. Sturdy snaps and triple-stitching enhance durability.


  • Custom extra heavyweight flannel
  • Plaid flannel lining for insulation
  • Signature Filson reliability


  • Boxy fit not best for slim builds

Price: $155

Any of these high-quality flannels are sure to become a go-to staple in your cold weather wardrobe for years to come. So stay toasty in style with the perfect snap-front flannel shirt.

Flannel Season Is Here

There you have it – everything you could want to know about choosing, wearing, and caring for the perfect flannel snap shirt.

With their rugged warmth and timeless style, flannels should be a wardrobe essential for tackling the colder months in comfort. Whether you’re chopping wood or just strolling around town, a quality flannel shirt with snaps keeps you looking and feeling your best.

So embrace the flannel life this season. Break out your favorite plaid shirt, pour a hot coffee, and enjoy the simple pleasures of fall and winter. Just don’t forget to stock up on flannel while you still can!

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