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Tired of the daily hunt through a messy pile of purses and clutches? Struggling to find the perfect bag to match your outfit and accidentally wrinkling or dirtying them in the process? The search is over with the mDesign Handbag Organizer! This must-have accessory neatly stores all your bags and wristlets in one convenient spot, keeping them damage-free and easily accessible for your morning routine.

3 Compartments Keep Items Separated & Organized

Built with 3 divided slots, this storage unit keeps your valuables separated to prevent scratches and scuffs. The three compartments comfortably fit all sizes of handbags, clutches, wallets, and wristlets – simply stand them up vertically to save space. Now you can instantly see all your options, grab your favorite, and go! No more stressing over wrinkled bags or misplaced wallets.

Store in Bedrooms, Closets & More for Clutter-Free Living

Perfect for small spaces, this organizer has a slim vertical design that slides onto shelves, fits in drawers, and tucks neatly into cabinets and closets. No more tripping over messy piles on the floor or overflowing cabinets. Use it in your closet to neatly store all your daily handbags and free up rod space for clothes. Place it on your bedroom dresser or counter to keep your space neat while keeping items easily accessible. Wherever you put it, this storage solution gets your essentials upright and off cluttered surfaces!

Modern Style Looks Great Around Your Home

With its clean lines and transparent design, this organizer complements any decor from farmhouse to modern. The chic style looks beautiful on display to show off your purse collection. Or use it discretely inside a cabinet to reduce visual clutter while keeping items handy. Wherever it goes, it keeps your space looking photoshoot ready!

High Quality & Durable Construction

Crafted from shatter-resistant plastic, this organizer is made to last and engineered to safely hold the weight of your heaviest bags without cracking or breaking. The durable material also resists scratches and scuffs that can damage your valuables over time. Built better than flimsy acrylic versions, you can trust it to protect your investment pieces.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean

Thanks to the water-resistant plastic, this organizer wipes clean easily with mild soap and water. No need to worry about spills, smudges, or stains. Simply wipe it down to keep it looking like new for years. And unlike fabric storage, it’s non-porous so smells don’t linger.

Compact Size Fits Perfectly in Small Spaces

Measuring just 11 x 11 x 5 inches, this space-saving organizer is sized to squeeze into tight areas and small apartments. The vertical design takes up a fraction of the space that unorganized bags would, so it’s ideal for closets, shelves, cabinets, dorms, RVs, and other cramped areas. No more stepping over purses or digging through piles to find your wallet.

Keep Your Morning Routine Stress-Free

Make mornings effortless with everything you need visible and on hand. Just grab your phone, keys, wallet and you’re ready to take on the day! It also makes getting ready for a night out quick and easy. See all your clutch options at a glance to find the perfect coordinating bag.

Use Around Your Home to Organize More Than Just Handbags

Get creative with this versatile storage unit. In your craft room, use it to neatly organize and separate ribbons, washi tape, stickers. On your desk, stand up notecards, envelopes, and papers. In your bathroom, store skincare products and small toiletries upright. Wherever you put it, this organizer instantly declutters!

Gift the Life-Changing Power of Organization

We all have that friend whose bag situation is…a situation. Give them the gift of organization with this handbag holder! Watch stress turn into smiles as they transform their messy closet into a serene oasis. This is a gift that makes mornings easier and keeps belongings damage-free.

Designed with Quality in Mind

mDesign creates storage and organization solutions designed to last. We use premium materials that resist damage, keep their modern style, and avoid problems inherent in other storage options. Our inspirational designs make it easy to get – and stay – organized with functional products that simplify and beautify.

Transform your cluttered counters and clogged closets with the mDesign Handbag Organizer. Get ready in record time, keep your belongings in pristine condition, and do it all while adding a touch of style to your space. Just a few seconds and one click to breezy, stress-free mornings. What are you waiting for?


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