Dr. Scholl’s Air-Pillo Memory Foam Shoe Insoles



Treat your feet to clouds of comfort with Dr. Scholl’s Air-Pillo Memory Foam Shoe Insoles. Designed for all-day cushioning and support, these innovative insoles mold to the unique shape of your feet, providing customized comfort that lasts.

The advanced memory foam technology responds to body heat and weight, conforming to your foot’s contours. This creates a personalized fit that relieves pressure on sore spots and problem areas. The extra thick foam construction absorbs shock and impact, reducing fatigue for revived, energized feet.

Dr. Scholl’s Air-Pillo Insoles feature a thin, low profile that fits most shoe styles and sizes. The trim-to-fit design allows you to customize the insoles for an ideal fit in men’s shoes sizes 7-13 and women’s sizes 5-10. Simply use scissors to trim along the guidelines.

Odor and Moisture Control

Air-Pillo Insoles from Dr. Scholl’s utilize ultra-fresh technology to prevent odor and keep feet dry. Anti-microbial agents inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the skin, allowing air to circulate for a cool, fresh feel. With odor and wetness under control, your feet stay dry, clean and comfortable all day long.

Superior Cushioning and Support

The advanced memory foam cushioning in Air-Pillo Insoles provides personalized comfort and support. As you walk, the foam compresses under pressure points, then rebounds to gently support your feet. This relieves stress on joints and pressure points, preventing sore, achy feet.

Strategically placed arch and heel cushions provide extra padding where you need it most. The metatarsal and heel pads prevent calluses and blisters by reducing friction. Your feet are enveloped in exceptional comfort, keeping you energized and active.

Shock Absorption

The ultra-thick foam construction of the Air-Pillo Insoles absorbs jolts and impact that can wreak havoc on your feet, knees and back. The high-density foam compress and rebound with each step, reducing strain on the body. Joints, tendons and muscles are protected from damage and inflammation.

The advanced shock absorbing properties keep you steady on your feet all day long. Experience renewed vitality without painful, tired feet holding you back.

Contoured Design

Ergonomically contoured to follow the natural shape of feet, Air-Pillo Insoles provide anatomical arch support. The curved heel cradle stabilizes and centers the foot inside the shoe. This enhances comfort while preventing slippage and blisters.

The metatarsal ridge lifts and separates the balls of the feet, improving balance and stability. Pressures points are relieved for blissful comfort. The contoured shape also enhances shock absorption by evening out weight distribution.

Stay in Place Comfort

Frustrated with insoles that shift and slip? The innovative two-layer construction of Air-Pillo Insoles keeps them firmly in place without bunching.

The thin, dense foam base layer adheres securely to the shoe’s insole. It maintains the shape and position of the insole as you walk. The lighter, perforated memory foam top layer provides cushioning. Hundreds of ventilation holes allow air to flow through freely.

The non-slip grippy texture on the bottom also prevents sliding around inside your shoes. Experience enhanced comfort and support all day long.

Versatile Use

The slim profile and trim-to-fit design allow Dr. Scholl’s Air-Pillo Insoles to be worn in all types of footwear. Use them in sneakers, boots, flats, sandals and more. The insoles are also washable, making them ideal for exercise, work and everyday wear.

Get instant relief from:

  • Sore, tired feet
  • Achy heels and arches
  • Painful calluses and blisters
  • Swollen feet
  • Leg and back fatigue

Superior Materials

Dr. Scholl’s utilizes advanced materials and construction methods to create the most comfortable, supportive insoles possible.

Key features:

  • Memory foam top layer molds to your feet
  • High-density polyurethane base for stability
  • Odor and moisture wicking top fabric
  • Contoured, anatomical shape
  • Arch and heel cushions
  • Metatarsal pad

You’ll love the instant pain relief and rejuvenating comfort Dr. Scholl’s Air-Pillo Memory Foam Insoles provide your feet. Order a pair today and take the first step towards happy, healthy feet!


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