EVENup Shoe Balancer/Leveler Small (M6-8 W5-8.5) – The Secret to Pain-Free Walking



Do you find yourself limping or favoring one leg over the other when you walk? Do you experience back, hip or knee pain that seems to get worse throughout the day? An uneven gait caused by leg length discrepancy puts excess strain on your body and can lead to chronic pain and discomfort.

The innovative EVENup Shoe Balancer/Leveler is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This clever device helps equalize limb length so you can walk with a natural, balanced gait. No more limping, no more pain. Just smooth, comfortable walking all day long.

Benefits of the EVENup Shoe Balancer

  • Reduces strain and tension on your back, hips and knees
  • Allows you to walk with a natural, even gait
  • Helps align your posture and balance your body
  • Fits discreetly in any shoe with a removable insole
  • Designed by orthopedic doctors and clinically tested

The EVENup Shoe Balancer fits easily under the insole of most lace-up shoes or sneakers. It has an adjustable lift ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inches, so you can customize the height you need to equalize limb length as your body requires. Just rotate the dial to the needed lift height.

Made of firm yet comfortable EVA foam, the orthotic-quality balancer supports your foot without feeling bulky. Perfect for daily use, the lightweight design won’t weigh down your shoe or alter its fit.

One Device, Multiple Applications

The uses for the EVENup Balancer go well beyond just leg length differences. This versatile tool can also help if:

  • You broke a bone and have to wear a cast
  • You had knee, hip or ankle surgery
  • You wear a fracture boot and need to stabilize your walk
  • You need post-surgery recovery support

Place the EVENup Balancer in your sneaker or shoe on the injured side to keep both legs balanced and take pressure off the affected limb as you heal.

Sizing and Fit Information

The EVENup Balancer comes in 7 sizes to fit most men’s and women’s shoe sizes:

  • X-Small: Men’s sizes 4 – 6 / Women’s sizes 3 – 5
  • Small: Men’s sizes 6 – 8 / Women’s sizes 5.5 – 8.5
  • Medium: Men’s sizes 8.5 – 10.5 / Women’s sizes 9 – 11.5
  • Large: Men’s sizes 11 – 13 / Women’s sizes 12 – 14
  • X-Large: Men’s sizes 13.5 – 15 / Women’s sizes 14.5 – 16.5
  • XX-Large: Men’s sizes 15.5 – 17 / Women’s sizes 17 – 19
  • XXX-Large: Men’s sizes 17.5+ / Women’s sizes 19.5+

This listing is for the Small size, recommended for men’s shoe sizes 6-8 and women’s sizes 5.5-8.5.

The key is to size your EVENup Balancer based on your tennis shoe or sneaker size, as it fits under the insole. If you normally wear a size 8 men’s sneaker, you would need the Small EVENup Balancer. Check the size chart and select the right size for your shoes.

Experience the EVENup Difference

Stop limping along in discomfort and get back to pain-free walking with EVENup. Designed by orthopedic doctors and rigorously tested, EVENup has improved the lives of thousands of people just like you.

One customer shares: “This makes walking so much easier on my knees and back. I have one leg that is 1 inch shorter than the other causing me to walk unevenly. This helps balance out my legs so I can walk normal again without pain.”

Order the EVENup Shoe Balancer/Leveler Small today and take a step toward healthy, balanced walking. Your body will thank you!


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