Floopi Women’s Cozy Ribbed Knit Slippers – Soft and Supportive Indoor/Outdoor Memory Foam House Shoes



Treat your feet to luxurious comfort with the Floopi Women’s Cozy Ribbed Knit Slippers. Crafted with plush velour and terry lining, these feminine slippers cradle your feet in softness with every step. The ribbed knit upper hugs your feet while the rubber sole provides slip-resistance for indoor and outdoor wear.

Whether you’re lounging at home, running errands outside, or pampering yourself at a spa, these women’s slippers deliver luxurious comfort and support. The memory foam footbed molds perfectly to your foot’s contours, providing customized cushioning and shock absorption. The multiple layered insole foam and durable rubber sole work together to create the ultimate in supportive comfort.

The Floopi slippers feature an easy open back design that slips on and off effortlessly. The knit fabric lining wicks moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The feminine silhouette includes a center back seam for a touch of delicate detail.

With the Floopi slippers, you’ll enjoy next-level comfort with features like:

Plush Lining – The velour and terry lining creates a super soft interior to pamper your feet.

Memory Foam Insole – Cushioning memory foam conforms perfectly to the unique contours of your feet.

Supportive Construction – Multiple layers of insole foam provide cushioning where you need it most.

Slip Resistant Outsole – The durable rubber sole allows indoor and outdoor wear.

Moisture Wicking – The knit fabric lining wicks away moisture to keep feet dry.

Feminine Styling – A delicate center back seam adds dainty detail.

Easy On/Off Design – The open back slips on and off with no hassle.

Give your feet the comfort they deserve with the cozy Floopi Women’s Slippers. The plush interior and feminine styling make these the perfect house shoes for women. The slip-on silhouette with elasticized collar ensures a secure fit as you go about your day.

The supportive memory foam and durable rubber sole provide just the right amount of cushioning and traction for indoor and outdoor wear. The moisture-wicking lining keeps feet fresh and dry. Available in a range of women’s sizes from small to extra large, you’ll find the just-right fit.

Whether you’re seeking soft and fuzzy bedroom slippers or a sturdy pair for quick trips outside, the Floopi Women’s Slippers deliver. The soft knit upper and coordinating rubber sole strike the perfect balance between cushy comfort and durable performance.

For the ultimate in pampering, slip your feet into the Floopi Women’s Memory Foam Slippers. The plush interior surrounds your feet in cushiony softness with every step. The fabric-lined insole wicks away moisture as the memory foam footbed conforms perfectly to your foot.

The Floopi slippers make a wonderful gift for any woman in your life. Surprise your wife, mom, daughter or friend with this cozy footwear essential. The feminine styling and luxurious feel make these knit slippers a top gift idea for birthdays, holidays or just because.

With Floopi Women’s Slippers, you can:

Pamper your feet in plush, moisture-wicking comfort
Enjoy memory foam support with multiple cushioning layers
Wear them inside and outside with the slip-resistant rubber sole
Step into easy on/off comfort with the open back design
Treat your feet to feminine detailing with the center back seam
Find your just-right size with options from small to extra large
Give your feet the comfort they deserve and treat yourself to the Floopi Women’s Cozy Ribbed Knit Slippers today!

Reasons to Love the Floopi Women’s Slippers

What makes the Floopi Women’s Slippers so amazing? Here are all the key reasons you’ll love these comfy house shoes:

All Day Comfort

The plush interior, memory foam insole and supportive construction provide cloud-like comfort all day long. The moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet fresh.

Indoor & Outdoor Versatility

The durable rubber sole allows you to run errands or step outside while the soft upper keeps feet cozy indoors. The perfect slipper for all your needs!

Easy On & Off

Thanks to the open back silhouette, you can simply slip these on and off anytime. The elasticized collar ensures a secure fit.

Feminine Styling

From the ribbed knit upper to the delicate back seam, these slippers pamper your feet in feminine style.

Gift-Worthy Luxury

Any woman would love to receive these soft, supportive slippers. Surprise mom, your wife or friend with this top gift.

Customized Fit

With size options from small to extra large, you’ll find your perfect fit for all day comfort.

Premium Materials

Plush velour lining, memory foam insole and slip-resistant rubber sole deliver durability.

Treat your feet to the Floopi Women’s Cozy Ribbed Knit Slippers! Your feet will thank you.

Spa-Like Pampering

After a hectic day, your feet deserve some pampering. That’s where the Floopi Women’s Slippers come in! Slip your feet into these luxuriously soft slippers and you’ll feel like you’re at the spa.

The plush interior immediately surrounds your feet in pillowy softness. The memory foam footbed begins molding to the unique contours of your feet, providing tailored cushioning and support. The velour lining and moisture-wicking fabric create a super soft environment to envelop your feet in comfort.

Whether you’re relaxing after a tiring day or enjoying some leisurely “me time”, the Floopi slippers treat your feet to soothing comfort. The feminine styling adds a touch of luxury to your at-home spa experience.

After a long day in heels or stiff shoes, relieve your feet by slipping into the contoured memory foam comfort. The instant you slide your feet into the Floopi slippers, you’ll enter a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. Make every day feel like a spa getaway with these indulgent slippers.

The Perfect Balance of Comfort Features

The Floopi Women’s Slippers strike the perfect balance of comfort features to pamper your feet. The plush interior, memory foam insole and moisture-wicking lining work together to create a supportive foot environment. Meanwhile, the durable rubber sole holds up to indoor/outdoor wear.

Here’s a look at how the comfort features measure up:

Cushy Interior – Plush velour and terrycloth lining Moldable Support – Memory foam conforms to your foot Moisture Control – Breathable knit fabric wicks away moisture Lightweight Feel – Soft fabric upper is flexible and lightweight Indoor/Outdoor Traction – Slip-resistant rubber sole for grip

Whether you’re lounging, running errands or stepping outside, the Floopi slippers balance cushioning and support with functionality. Slip into these house shoes and enjoy the perfect harmony of comfort, performance and style. Your feet stay pampered without compromising on versatility.

The Details of Delicate Style

The Floopi Women’s Slippers don’t just feel luxurious – they look it too. Feminine details give these cozy slippers a delicate style all their own.

The ribbed knit fabric features textural interest for visual appeal. The neutral color palette easily complements any lounge ensemble. But it’s the back seam that really takes the style factor up a notch.

Running right down the center back, the seam adds definition and shape. This dainty detail gives the slippers a more elegant, refined look. Not overly embellished, this sweet accent balances the laidback vibe of the slippers.

Overall, the Floopi slippers strike that perfect chord between comfort and style. Your feet feel pampered in pillowy softness but you still look put together. Whether you’re lounging at home or enjoying a getaway, these feminine slippers add a touch of refinement.

Slip into the cozy comfort and delicate style of the Floopi Women’s Ribbed Knit Slippers. This beautiful footwear treats your feet as good as they look.

The Perfect Slipper for Every Woman

Finding the right slipper isn’t always easy. But the Floopi Women’s Slippers check all the boxes with options to fit every woman’s needs.

Looking for a house slipper? The plush interior, moisture wicking lining and easy open back were designed for in-home wear. Need outdoor traction? The durable sole makes these slippers ideal for quick trips outside. Love neutral colors? The versatile beige hue complements any look.

The Floopi slippers are also perfect if you:

– Have tired feet – Enjoy supportive memory foam – Want moisture wicking – Breathable knit lining keeps feet dry – Prefer open back – Easy slip on silhouette – Need indoor & outdoor use – Rubber sole allows flexibility – Like feminine style – Center seam adds delicate detail – Need the perfect fit – Sizes S-XL accommodate all

For women of all ages, the Floopi slippers check every box. The plush comfort, versatile performance and feminine style check every box, making them the perfect slipper for YOU!

Give the Gift of Luxurious Comfort

Delight everyone on your gift list by giving the gift of comfort with the Floopi Women’s Slippers. Perfect for any occasion from birthdays to holidays, these soft slippers spread cozy cheer.

For the woman who deserves to put her feet up, these slippers provide luxurious comfort and support. After a stressful day, she can slip into the memory foam cushioning and faux fur lining. The moisture wicking insole keeps her feet fresh as the plush collar hugs around her ankles.

For your wife who’s always on the move, present her with these indoor/outdoor slippers. Their slip-resistant sole allows her to run errands outside while the soft knit upper pampers her feet inside. She’ll love the easy on/off convenience too!

Help your daughter relax after a busy semester by gifting the Floopi slippers. The stress melting comfort will make her school breaks feel even more rejuvenating. The cute styling fits her laidback vibe.

Any special woman in your life will adore receiving these pampering slippers. Watch her eyes light up as she feels just how soft they are. Then see her face gleam as she tries them on and discovers the customized comfort of the memory foam insole.

Give the gift of luxury this season with the Floopi Women’s Cozy Ribbed Knit Slippers. The comfort and style will delight her while making you the perfect gift giver!

Why Customers Love the Floopi Slippers

With over 500 5-star reviews, customers agree the Floopi Women’s Slippers deliver luxurious comfort and style. Here’s what real customers have to say:

“These are the softest slippers I’ve ever worn! My feet feel so cushy and comfortable in them. I never want to take them off.”

“I can wear these Floopi slippers inside and outside. The durable sole gives me traction on quick trips while the soft knit upper keeps my feet cozy. The perfect slipper for running errands and lounging!”

“The open back makes these so easy to slip on whenever my feet need a break. And they always mold perfectly to my feet with the memory foam insole.”

“I get compliments on how cute these slippers are all the time! The center back seam adds just the right feminine touch without being over the top.”

“These have held up so well over the past year. They still feel as plush and comfortable as the first time I wore them. I love that they’re machine washable too!”

“I’m so glad I took the plunge and ordered the Floopi slippers. They exceeded my expectations and deliver quality far beyond the price. Luxurious comfort!”

Join the hundreds of delighted customers and treat your feet to the Floopi Women’s Slipper today. Your feet will thank you!

We Stand Behind Our Slippers

At Floopi, your complete satisfaction is our top concern. We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a 30-day return window if you are not completely thrilled. We also provide a 12-month warranty in case of defects.

Our slippers are meticulously constructed by hand using only premium materials. From the breathable knit upper to the plush velour lining, every component is specially selected. Our sewing specialists carefully craft each pair with expert stitching.

We individually test our slippers for maximum comfort and durability. Only after meeting our exceptionally high standards do they get packaged up to send to you.

Shop with confidence knowing we stand behind the craftsmanship and comfort of our slippers. We can’t wait for you to experience the pampering comfort for yourself. But if for any reason you aren’t absolutely satisfied, just let us know within 30 days.

For any questions regarding sizing, fit, materials or construction, our customer care team is ready to assist you. Reach out before or after your purchase – we’re happy to help!

Experience the Floopi difference and shop our collection of ridiculously comfortable slippers today!


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