Florsheim Aromatic Cedar Shoe Tree for Men – Preserve and Protect Dress Shoes



Keep your fine leather shoes in top condition with the Florsheim Aromatic Cedar Shoe Tree. Crafted from 100% aromatic red cedar wood, this shoe tree absorbs moisture and maintains the shape of your shoes when not being worn. The cedar wood releases a light, fresh scent that keeps shoes smelling clean and deters moths and other pests.

Preserve Your Investment

A quality pair of leather dress shoes represents a significant investment. However, without proper care between wears, leather can quickly become dry and cracked. The untreated wood of the Florsheim Cedar Shoe Tree absorbs excess moisture from the leather, preventing brittleness. At the same time, the shoe tree holds the shape of the shoe, preventing creases from forming while not being worn. With the Florsheim Cedar Shoe Tree, you’ll add years to the life of your favorite leather shoes.

Enhance Comfort

Inserting a shoe tree after each wear also enhances the comfort of your dress shoes. As you walk in shoes, the pressure flattens out the insoles and linings. By holding the shape, the Florsheim Cedar Shoe Tree allows these materials to relax and recover their padding. Enjoy your shoes fresh out of the box comfort every time you slip them on!

Freshen Shoes Between Wears

The natural aromatic cedar wood releases a pleasant cedar scent that fills the shoes, wiping out odors. No more embarrassment from stinky shoes at the end of a long work day! The fresh forest aroma leaves shoes smelling clean.

Deter Pests

The strong cedar scent also serves as a natural deterrent to moths, beetles, and other pests that can damage leather and fabrics. Keep your shoes free from holes, eaten fabrics, and larvae infestations.

Premium Craftsmanship

Constructed from quality woods and metals, the Florsheim Cedar Shoe Tree is built to last. The spring-action split-toe design adjusts to hold both dress shoes and casual shoes securely in place. Brass buttons allow for custom tensioning while sliding easily onto shoe heels. With care, this shoe tree will protect fine footwear for years to come.

A Shoe Tree for Every Size

The Florsheim Cedar Shoe Tree comes in four sizes to provide an ideal fit for most men’s shoe sizes:

  • Small: Fits shoe sizes 6.5 wide to 8.5 medium
  • Medium: Fits shoe sizes 8 wide to 10 medium
  • Large: Fits shoe sizes 9.5 wide to 11.5 medium
  • Extra Large: Fits shoe sizes 11 wide to 14 medium

Refer to the size chart and measure your shoes to select the proper shoe tree size. An ideal fit will keep shoes securely held in shape without excess tension.

Keep Your Best Shoes Looking Great

Don’t let your expensive leather dress shoes dry out, get crushed, or become infested with pests! Bring home the premium care and quality of the Florsheim Aromatic Cedar Shoe Tree. Slip a shoe tree into each shoe after wear to maintain fresh comfort and extend the life of quality shoes. Your shoes will thank you!

Technical Details:

  • Materials: 100% Wood/Metal
  • Made in USA


Contact our customer service team with any questions about sizing or using the Florsheim Cedar Shoe Tree. We are happy to help you pick the ideal shoe tree to care for your footwear investment.

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