Haggar Mens Mynx Gabardine Pleated Dress Pant with Expandable Waistband



Look Sharp and Feel Comfortable in These Versatile Haggar Dress Pants

Finding dress pants that look professional yet feel great can be a challenge. Most men’s dress pants lack flexibility and comfort. The Haggar Mens Mynx Pleated Dress Pant solves that problem with an ingenious expandable waistband that provides up to 3 inches of extra room. So you get a customizable, comfortable fit whether you gained a little weight or just ate a big meal.

These versatile pants also feature classic styling perfect for the office, events, or anytime you want to look sharp. The crisp pleated front and cuffed bottoms give these pants a polished, professional look. While the wrinkle-free gabardine polyester fabric keeps you looking crisp and neat from morning meeting to evening event.

Key Features:

Hidden Expandable Waistband
The innovative hidden expandable waistband cleverly expands up to 3 inches for a customizable fit. So you get extra room when you need it without sacrificing a tailored look. The lay flat waistband also prevents embarrassing gapping in the back.

Classic Pleated Front
The crisp double pleats on the front of these pants create a timeless, tailored style perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The front pleats also allow freedom of movement so you can stay active all day.

Wrinkle-Free Gabardine Polyester
Constructed from 100% polyester gabardine, these pants maintain smooth, crisp lines without wrinkling – even after hours of wear. The fabric is also moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry.

Comfortable Full Waistband Lining
The smooth, comfortable full waistband lining prevents pinching or binding so you can wear your shirt tucked or untucked. The extra lining also helps the hidden expandable waistband stay discreet.

Button and Zipper Closure
The combination button and zipper closure ensures your pants will stay securely fastened. The clean-finished button tab also maintains the tailored appearance.

Classic Back Button-Through Welt Pockets
Subtle welt pockets at the back keep the rear profile clean while providing functional storage space for small essentials.

Front Slash Pockets
The standard slanted front pockets offer roomy storage space perfect for holding your phone, wallet, keys or other daily carry items.

Permanent Cuffed Hems
The fixed cuffs at the bottom of the legs keep the pants neatly above your shoes without the hassle of hemming or cuffing yourself.


Comfort meets style with these innovative Haggar dress pants featuring a discreet expandable waist. The performance features allow freedom of movement and all-day comfort while the classic styling keeps you looking polished and professional.

The expandable waistband eliminates gapping at the back and provides up to 3 inches of extra room for total comfort. But when not expanded, it maintains a clean flat front.

The wrinkle-free gabardine polyester fabric retains crisp lines and a neat appearance from the start of your workday through your evening plans without requiring ironing. Moisture-wicking properties also keep you cool, dry and comfortable in any situation.

Front pleats provide ease of movement while enhancing the classic tailored style. So you get both comfort and boardroom polish. The sharp cuffed hems offer a clean finish that pairs perfectly with dress shoes for work or special occasions.

Slash front pockets and button-through back welt pockets offer plenty of storage options for daily essentials while maintaining a streamlined silhouette.

Ideal Uses

The versatile design and comfortable performance features make these pants ideal for:

  • The office – the classic pleated style dresses up for important meetings while the expandable waist lets you relax when sitting for long periods.
  • Travel – the moisture-wicking fabric and expandable waist maximize comfort on long flights or car rides.
  • Outdoor events – permanent press fabric keeps pants looking sharp and resists dirt at outdoor weddings, gatherings, etc.
  • Date night – comfortable stretch and movable fabric allows you to stay active on evening adventures without sacrificing style.
  • Work functions – the classic yet comfortable design transitions seamlessly from your day job to evening company events.

Professionals, travelers, groomsmen and any man wanting to look stylish while staying comfortable will appreciate these ingeniously designed Haggar dress pants. Their innovative features allow you to power through busy days with ease.

So stop struggling with stiff, binding dress pants. The Haggar Mens Mynx Pleated Pant combines effortless comfort and timeless style for today’s active man. The expandable waist lets you customize the fit for total comfort. While the crisp pleated front maintains polished style perfect for special events or important meetings.

Pick up this versatile Haggar Mens Mynx Pleated Dress Pant today to stay neat, comfortable and confidently stylish no matter what your day brings!


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