LIHIT LAB Lightweight Purse Hanger – The Perfect Accessory to Keep Your Belongings Close By



Tired of having your purse take up precious table space or it always being in the way on the floor? Introducing the ingenious LIHIT LAB Lightweight Purse Hanger, the perfect accessory to keep your bag close at hand, off the floor and out of the way!

This clever little hanger allows you to conveniently hang your purse, bag or other accessories from table edges and desks, keeping them organized, clean and within easy reach. Weighing just 1.5 oz, this mini hanger can hold up to 11 lbs – more than enough for handbags, shopping bags or even a sweater or jacket.


  • Holds up to 11 lbs – plenty for handbags, shopping bags, sweaters, jackets, etc
  • Forward swinging hook rotates for easy access to your bag’s contents
  • Adhesive pad securely sticks to most surfaces like table edges, desks, benches, etc
  • Doesn’t damage or mark surfaces
  • Portable and lightweight – easily fits in your pocket or bag
  • Available in 6 colors – match your style and decor


  • Keeps belongings off dirty floors – no more putting your bag on the floor at restaurants, offices, public transport or anywhere out
  • Prevents theft – keep your bag in view instead of on the floor or behind you
  • Saves space – hangs bags from edges and frees up tabletops and floor space
  • Easy access – swinging hook rotates so your bag is always within reach
  • Hands-free – removes the need to hold your bag in laps or on hooks under tables
  • Organized – eliminates bag clutter on desks, tables, benches, etc

The Perfect Bag Hanger For:

  • Restaurants – keep your bag off the floor and hang it from the table
  • Office – hang your purse from your desk to free up space
  • Public transport – hang your bag from tray tables to avoid it falling
  • Cafes & bars – gets your bag up and out the way whether sitting or standing
  • Out shopping – hang bags from benches, trolleys, prams while trying things on
  • At the gym – keep your gym bag neatly off the floor and within reach
  • Travel – hang your bag from airplane, train and bus seat trays
  • Events – gets your bag up from under chairs in theaters, stadiums, etc

High Quality & Stylish Design:

This purse hanger is made from durable polypropylene that holds up well to daily use. It comes in a choice of 6 stylish colors – orange, green, blue, navy, beige and black. The colored plate adds a fun pop of color when attached to tables and desks.

Measuring just 4 x 2 inches, the hanger easily fits in pockets and bags for portability. No more asking “could you watch my bag?” – this purse hook means you can keep your bag nearby wherever you go!

Simple To Use:

This purse hanger couldn’t be easier to use:

  1. Choose any table or desk edge you want to hang your bag from
  2. Stick the adhesive square securely to the surface
  3. Hang your bag from the forward-swinging hook below
  4. To remove, simply peel off the adhesive pad

No tools or drilling required! The adhesive leaves no marks or residue behind.

While the included adhesive provides a quick and easy hands-free way to attach the hanger, it can also simply hook over many tables and desks without needing the adhesive.

Customer Reviews

With over 500 global ratings, this purse hanger has earned outstanding reviews for its convenience, portability and durability. Customers love how it frees up table space, keeps their belongings clean and prevents bags falling to the floor. Many mention taking it everywhere from restaurants to airplanes.

“This is so handy! I keep it in my purse and use it everywhere from restaurants to doctor’s offices. I don’t have to put my purse on the gross floor now.”

“This little hook is wonderful! It’s small enough to go anywhere and allows me to hang my purse on tables, desks, grocery carts – super handy.”

“Great little gadget. I was tired of my purse sliding off chairs and ending up on the floor. This keeps it hanging neatly right next to me within easy reach.”

Lifetime Guarantee

LIHIT LAB stands behind the quality of this purse hanger with a full lifetime replacement guarantee. Enjoy peace of mind knowing this bag hanger is built to last trip after trip.

Don’t settle for putting your bag on dirty floors or it being in the way. This purse hanger is the handy, lightweight solution you need to keep your belongings clean, safe and conveniently at hand wherever you go!

Add one to your cart today and make your life a little easier!


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