Step Into All-Day Comfort with Dr. Scholl’s Soft Cushioning Insoles for Sneakers



Do your feet ache and throb after a long day walking around in your favorite sneakers? Are hard floors or uneven surfaces causing discomfort no matter which shoes you wear? Don’t let foot pain slow you down – you deserve to feel energized from morning ’til night! Get superior shock absorption and next-level cushioning with Dr. Scholl’s Soft Cushioning Insoles for Sneakers.

Custom Comfort Just for Her

Specifically designed for a woman’s foot, these innovative insoles provide targeted relief where you need it most. The anatomical design works dynamically with the female foot to prevent pain in key pressure points like the ball of the foot, heel, and arch. Super soft fabric on top wicks moisture to keep feet cool and dry when things get active, while extra cushions support and cradle delicate areas prone to discomfort.

All-Day Cushion Flex Technology

Dr. Scholl’s advanced arch technology flexes and forms to your foot’s movement, providing personalized support with every step. Cushioning absorbs impact and reduces shock, making hard floors and pavement feel plush and pillowy. The dynamic flex action boosts energy return to keep you powered up without uncomfortable jarring or jolting. Experience refreshing comfort that energizes your active lifestyle.

Heel Cupping and Ball of Foot Relief

Strategic cushioning lifts pressure off the parts of your foot that bear the most weight all day long. Contoured heel cups provide stability so you can walk with confidence, while extra foam under the ball of the foot protects from pain. The metatarsal zone is reinforced to prevent soreness or bruising on uneven terrain.

Full-Length Comfort from Heel to Toe

This ultra-soft insole supports your entire foot for complete comfort. Plush heel cushions absorb impact with every step, while a smooth fabric cover prevents friction at the toes. There are no uncomfortable seams or ridges – just cloud-like comfort from back to front. The full contact design allows the insole to provide optimal support and relief without shifting or sliding around.

Fits Great in Flats or Lace-Ups

Designed to fit most women’s casual sneakers, these universal insoles slide right into your favorite slip-ons like Vans, Keds or TOMS. They also are made to layer comfortably over removable soles in lace-up styles from brands like Nike, Adidas and Converse. Just peel off the original insole and replace it with Dr. Scholl’s extra cushioning. Enjoy miles of pain-free wear!

All the Benefits of Orthotics Without the Hassle

Skip the orthotic fitting – these insoles provide many of the same perks without the time and money spent on custom devices. The anatomical design works like an orthotic to position your foot for ultimate comfort, while the cushioning gives you shock absorption and support. Unlike rigid orthotics, the flexible arch technology and foam construction form perfectly to your foot for a natural, free-moving feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size to buy?

Select your normal shoe size. The insoles are designed to fit most women’s shoe sizes 6-10.

Can I trim the insoles if needed?

Yes, you can trim the length if needed to fit your exact shoe size using household scissors. Avoid cutting the width.

Will these insoles fit my orthotics?

In most cases, yes – they are designed to layer on top of custom orthotics to provide extra cushioning. However, very thick orthotics may create a tight fit.

Can I wear these insoles every day?

Absolutely! They are designed for all day wear and will provide comfortable relief during any activity.

How do I clean the insoles?

Remove insoles and hand wash in cold water with mild soap if needed. Air dry completely before placing back in shoes.

Can men wear these?

These insoles are anatomically designed for the contours of a woman’s foot. For men’s insoles, check out Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Arch Insoles.

Love Your Sneakers Again!

Rediscover your favorite pair of sneakers with soothing comfort that lasts all day. Just slip in Dr. Scholl’s Soft Cushioning Insoles for the relief your feet have been craving. Now you can log miles of pain-free wear – whether you’re walking the dog, touring a museum, or chasing kids at the park.

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