Stay Stylish and Dry: Top 5 Rain Boots with Colorful Prints

Rainy weather can really put a damper on your day…and your outfit! Instead of sacrificing style for practicality on wet days, liven up your look with rain boots sporting fun, colorful prints. Whether it’s cheerful polka dots, retro florals, or bold animal prints, patterned rain boots keep your feet dry without compromising personal flair. Continue reading for my top five recommendations for stylish printed rain boots, tips for choosing the perfect pair, and answers to frequently asked questions.

When it comes to rainy day footwear, rain boots are a popular choice for good reason. They are waterproof and protective, keeping feet nice and dry. But standard solid color options can be boring. This is where printed rain boots come in! The addition of colors, prints, and patterns means you don’t have to sacrifice self-expression even when the weather takes a turn for the dreary.

Prints add personality that plain rain boots just don’t have. Florals, polka dots, and animal prints all allow you to showcase your unique style. Even on the rainiest of days, your boots will be a fun pop of color. Plus, there are so many options to choose from, so you can find a print that fits your individual taste. Do you lean towards classic florals? Playful polka dots? Fierce leopard print? The options are endless!

Beyond just looking stylish, printed rain boots have other advantages too. They transition seamlessly from running errands in the rain to grabbing drinks with friends. The colors and patterns dress up an otherwise casual outfit, so you look purposely styled instead of just thrown together to handle the weather. Plus, floral and polka dot prints have a hint of retro charm for a vintage vibe.

Ready to make a statement even on the rainiest of days? Keep reading for my top five picks of the best printed rain boots and tips to choose your perfect pair!

Why Choose Rain Boots with Prints?

Before diving into specific printed rain boot recommendations, let’s first talk about why you should consider patterned boots over their plain counterparts.

Allow Self-Expression Through Unique Prints

One of the biggest benefits of choosing printed over plain rain boots is they allow you to express your personal style. Whether you love floral prints for their romantic femininity or edgy animal prints for their fierce vibes, the options are very diverse. Prints like polka dots, florals, plaids, and animal prints all provide eye-catching styles you won’t find with solid rubber boots.

Add Color to Otherwise Dreary Rainy Days

There’s no denying it, rainy weather can really bring down your mood, especially if the sky is grey and gloomy. So why not bring color into your outfit to brighten up the day? Vibrant printed rain boots do just that, providing a cheery pop of color to beat the rainy day blues. Even classic black and white polka dots feel more lively than solid black boots.

Variety Allows Coordination with Personal Style

With the vast variety of printed rain boots available, you can definitely find options to coordinate with your personal style. Do you lean towards preppy? Choose polka dots or a colorful plaid print. Love all things feminine and romantic? Consider a delicate floral pattern. Edgy and rocker? Opt for a cool animal print in a metallic shade. The options are endless!

Protect Feet While Maintaining Sense of Style

At their core, rain boots are about keeping your feet dry on soggy days. Printed options provide this same important function while also maintaining your sense of style. Your feet stay dry, but your look stays stylish. Form meets function in the best way with printed rain boots.

Some Prints Have a Retro Vibe

Certain prints, especially polka dots and florals, provide a hint of retro charm with their throwback vibes. Channel a retro 1950s look with polka dot boots or exude 1970s flower power with floral printed boots. Whimsical prints can give you a vintage look perfect for festivals or themed events.

More Exciting Than Boring Plain Boots

When it comes down to it, plain rubber rain boots can be boring. They get the job done keeping your feet dry, but they can feel very utilitarian without a stylish edge. Printed options take that functionality but make it so much more exciting with their bold colors, fun patterns, and eye-catching style.

Coordinate Printed Boots and Jackets

For a head to toe rainy day style display, coordinate your printed boots with a matching patterned rain jacket. Choose a polka dot jacket and boots combo or rock florals from top to bottom. Matching sets project a sense of style while keeping you protected from the elements.

How to Choose the Best Printed Rain Boots

With so many printed rain boots to choose from, it can be tricky to select the perfect pair. Follow this criteria when evaluating your options:

Consider Climate and Weather Patterns

Climate is an important factor when selecting printed rain boots. In warmer areas that rarely dip below freezing, you can likely get away with fashionable thin boots without much insulation. But for regions with colder winters, thick insulated rubber will be important for keeping feet warm and dry.

The amount of average rainfall in your location should also impact your choice. Areas that see frequent downpours year-round will require durable boots that can stand up to a lot of use. But locations with sporadic rainfall can potentially use more fashionable boots that prioritize style over hardcore performance.

Terrain is another consideration, especially for rural areas. Places with a lot of hills, uneven ground, and gravel roads will require boots with deep lug soles for traction. But those sticking mainly to paved sidewalks in flatter urban areas can choose varied tread and sole styles.

Pay Attention to Sizing and Fit

Since you can’t try on rain boots online, pay close attention to sizing guides. Try boots on as soon as you receive them and walk around your home to test for comfort and fit. Your heel should not slip up and down when you walk and your toes should not feel cramped, especially when wearing thicker socks in winter months.

Most brands provide detailed sizing charts to find the perfect size for narrow or wide feet. Be sure to consult these guides and read reviews about how a style fits. If between sizes, it is often best to size up, especially if you plan to wear the boots with thick socks. Proper fit is key to all day comfort.

Consider Height Based on Use

Rain boots come in a range of heights, from short ankle boots to tall boots reaching mid-calf or even higher. The lower the boot height, the more mobility you will have. Short boots are great for light showers. But for heavy rain or deep puddles, taller boots provide more protection. Mid-calf height is a good compromise between coverage and mobility. Consider activities when choosing height.

Top 5 Rain Boots with Colorful Prints

Ready to discover the stylish printed rain boots that made my top five list? For each pair, I’ll share style details, sizing information, height, materials, price range, and where to buy. Keep reading to find your perfect match!

1. Hunter Original Short Rain Boots

With their sturdy rubber construction and variety of prints, the iconic Hunter short rain boots earn the top spot on this list.

Print Details: Available in glossy finishes from polka dots to florals, animal prints and more. Many colors too.

Sizing: Whole sizes only from 5-10. Runs large. Order 1 size down.

Boot Height: Ankle height hits below the calf for flexibility.

Materials: Vulcanized natural rubber, quick dry woven nylon lining.

Price Range: $80 – $150

Where to Buy: Hunter, Nordstrom, Zappos, DSW, Amazon


  • Iconic style from a trusted British heritage brand
  • Variety of prints and colors
  • Comfortable flexible fit
  • Better traction than other short boots


  • Sizing can run large
  • Short height won’t protect far up calf

Who It’s Best For: The iconic Hunter short boot is perfect for the playful, young at heart!

2. Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boots

Make a cheerful statement on rainy days with the whimsical printed designs of Joules rain boots.

Print Details: Polka dots, florals, polka dot bee motif and more in glossy finishes.

Sizing: Whole sizes 6-10, some half sizes. Order 1/2 size up.

Boot Height: Hits just below the knee for good coverage.

Materials: Rubber upper and outsole. Cotton lining with foam insole.

Price Range: $80 – $95

Where to Buy: Joules, Zappos, Nordstrom, DSW, Amazon


  • Very fun, whimsical print designs
  • Soft cotton lining for comfort
  • Tall height protects more of calf


  • Sizing runs small
  • Not as durable as Hunter boots

Who It’s Best For: Joules printed boots are perfect for the free-spirited dresser looking for a whimsical statement boot.

3. Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Print Rain Boots

Nautical brand Sperry offers their signature boat shoe style in fun printed rain boots.

Print Details: Whale print, polka dot, striped prints and more. Matte finishes.

Sizing: Whole sizes 6-10, some half sizes. Order true to size.

Boot Height: Ankle height for flexibility.

Materials: Rubber shell, micro-fleece lining. Wave-Siping rubber outsole.

Price Range: $85 – $120

Where to Buy: Sperry, Zappos, Nordstrom, DSW, Amazon


  • Signature Sperry boat shoe style
  • Traction-enhancing Wave-Siping outsole
  • Micro-fleece lining for warmth and comfort


  • Runs narrow, especially in toe box
  • Short height doesn’t protect as far up calf

Who It’s Best For: The Sperry Saltwater Print Boot is perfect for preppy dressers who want a touch of nautical style.

4. Calvin Klein Women’s Vinny Printed Rain Boots

Elevate your rainy days with these modern printed boots from Calvin Klein.

Print Details: Graphic stripe and plaid prints in matte finish.

Sizing: Whole sizes 5-11, some half sizes. Order true to size.

Boot Height: Hits mid-calf for good coverage.

Materials: Rubber upper, thermoplastic polyurethane sole.

Price Range: $80 – $100

Where to Buy: Calvin Klein, Zappos, Nordstrom, DSW, Macy’s


  • Modern graphic prints
  • Block heel for touch of height
  • Roomy fit in toe box


  • Run large in calf width
  • Not as much traction as lug soles

Who It’s Best For: Calvin Klein’s printed rain boots are perfect for the modern sophisticate seeking polished style.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Fashion Rubber Rain Boot

Tommy Hilfiger brings classic American preppy style to printed rain boots.

Print Details: Signature Tommy Hilfiger flag print in glossy finishes.

Sizing: Whole sizes 5-10, some half sizes. Order 1/2 size up.

Boot Height: Ankle height hits below the calf.

Materials: Rubber upper and outsole. Faux fur lining.

Price Range: $60 – $90

Where to Buy: Tommy Hilfiger, Macy’s, DSW, Zappos, Amazon


  • Signature Tommy Hilfiger flag print
  • Warm and cozy faux fur lining
  • Treaded sole for traction


  • Run small, order 1/2 size up
  • Short ankle height

Who It’s Best For: Perfect for lovers of classic American preppy style.

FAQs About Rain Boots with Colorful Prints

New to printed rain boots? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I clean print rain boots?

Use warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush to gently scrub dirt from prints. Avoid harsh cleaners. Stuff boots with paper to retain shape while drying.

Can I wear print rain boots in winter?

It depends on the material. Some thinner fashion boots won’t hold up to heavy snow and ice. Look for insulated rubber boots for winter weather.

Do the prints on rain boots easily scratch off or fade?

It varies by brand. Less expensive boots may show scratches over time. Higher end options like Hunter offer more durable prints.

Are print rain boots appropriate for the workplace?

It depends on your office environment. More casual workplaces will likely accept subtle printed boots while more formal offices may prefer solid black. When in doubt, opt for solids.

Do prints and patterns on rain boots affect traction?

Thin prints shouldn’t impact traction, but deep grooved lug soles provide the best grip on slippery surfaces. Check soles when buying printed boots.


Whatever your personal style, there is a printed rain boot out there to express it while keeping your feet warm and dry. Whether your taste runs to posh and preppy polka dots, retro florals, or fierce animal prints, patterned boots add cheer even on the dreariest rainy day. Just be sure to consider climate, fit, and traction when making your purchase. My top five picks offer stylish prints from trusted brands sure to brighten up your rainy day look. So next time storm clouds appear, step out in style with colorful printed rain boots for a mix of form and function. Your feet will thank you!

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