Strut in Style: The Top 5 Platform Shoes with Thick Soles

Platform shoes are back in style and better than ever! With their thick, chunky soles, platform shoes can add some serious height and attitude to any outfit. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 5 platform shoes with extra thick soles that are trending right now. From sleek pumps to retro sneakers, these shoes will have you walking tall and feeling confident. We’ll outline the key features of each shoe, pros and cons, and styling tips so you can find your perfect pair of platform shoes with maximum sole thickness. Time to step up your shoe game!

Doc Martens Jadia Boots

Doc Martens is a popular, longstanding shoe brand known for their comfortable and durable footwear. Their history dates back to 1901, when the company started making work boots in England. Since then, Doc Martens has become iconic for their signature air-cushioned soles, welted construction, and bright yellow stitching.

The Jadia boots are a Doc Martens platform shoe style featuring a chunky 3.5 inch sole. This thick bounce sole gives you a serious height boost while maintaining the brand’s comfortable and supportive feel. The Jadia has a round toe and 8 eyelet lace-up closure with 3 sets of eyes for laces. It’s constructed from high quality leather with the signature slip-resistant PVC outsole. These boots come in various colors and patterns, like black, white, cherry red, and florals.

Some key features of the Jadia platform boots include:

  • 3.5 inch platform sole: This is a substantial sole that will add inches to your height without compromising comfort.
  • Iconic Doc Martens air-cushioned sole: The thick, ridged sole is designed for support, shock absorption, and slip resistance. Made from durable PVC.
  • 8 eyelet lace closure: Allows you to adjust the fit across the ankle and calves. Paired with 3 sets of eyes for the laces.
  • High quality leather upper: The full-grain leather upper is durable and comfortable after broken in.
  • Round toe: Gives the boots a classic Doc Martens silhouette. More room in the toe box.

When it comes to pros, the Jadia boots have a lot going for them:

  • Very comfortable and supportive: Despite the platform height, reviews say these boots are super comfortable thanks to the cushioned sole and ankle support.
  • Long-lasting durability: Doc Martens are known to last for years with proper care. The Goodyear welted construction also allows the soles to be replaced.
  • Water-resistant: The leather upper and PVC sole allow you to wear these in rain and snow.
  • True to size fit: Most reviews say the Jadia boots fit as expected. Order your normal shoe size.
  • Iconic Doc Martens style: You’ll recognize the signature yellow stitching and grooved sole anywhere. Makes a fashion statement.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider with the Jadia platform boots:

  • Break-in period required: The stiff leather needs some wearing in before it softens up and molds to your feet. Can cause blisters at first.
  • Not ideal for extensive walking: The heavy 3.5 inch platform isn’t best for all day wear. Better for occasional use.
  • Sole can be slippery: The PVC sole lacks traction on smooth, wet surfaces.
  • Pricey investment: These retail for $170, so they are an investment. But the quality and durability offsets the cost.

When it comes to styling the Jadia boots, you have lots of options:

  • Perfect with jeans, leggings, or shorts for casual day or night looks. The black colorway goes with anything.
  • Pair with leather jackets, flannels, band tees for grunge and edgy vibes.
  • Play up the ’90s style with mini skirts, baby tees, chokers and bike shorts.
  • For tougher edge, try a moto jacket, ripped black jeans, and spike accents.
  • Balance feminine dresses or skirts with the chunky boots to create contrast.

However you wear them, the Jadia platform boots will make a bold statement and get you noticed. If you want substantial, comfortable height boost from an iconic brand, these are a great choice. Break them in slowly at first, and you’ll have stylish boots you can wear for seasons to come.

Steve Madden Carrson Platform Sneakers

Steve Madden is a popular shoe brand known for fashion-forward but affordable footwear. Founded in 1990, Steve Madden brings the latest trends to the mass market. Their shoes range from heels to sandals to sneakers, always emphasizing style.

The Carrson is one of Steve Madden’s chunky platform sneakers, featuring a thick ridged sole and sporty silhouette. These casual shoes have been a hit for their on-trend style at an accessible price point.

Here are some key features of the Carrson platform sneakers:

  • 2.5 inch platform sole: This gives you a considerable height boost in a subtle way.
  • Thick rubber ridges along sole: The deep grooves give the sole visual interest and traction.
  • Cushioned footbed: Provides comfort and support when walking. Made of memory foam.
  • Lace-up closure: Allows you to adjust the snugness of the fit. Paired with flat laces.
  • Variety of color combinations: Like black and white, pink and yellow, blue and red.

The Carrson platform sneakers have several pros worth noting:

  • Comfortable and lightweight: Reviewers say these are easy to walk in and don’t feel too heavy. The cushioning helps.
  • Affordable price: They retail around $100, making them budget-friendly for the style.
  • On-trend style: The chunky sole and retro colors make these very stylish for 2022.
  • True to size: Most say the Carrson sneakers fit as expected. Order your normal shoe size.
  • Good traction: The ridged sole helps prevent slips on various surfaces.

However, there are some downsides to the shoes:

  • Run narrow: Those with wide feet may find these too snug. Limited width sizes.
  • Limited color options: Each colorway only comes in specific combinations. Not customizable.
  • Some quality concerns: A few reviews mention issues with materials peeling or wearing out quickly.

When it comes to styling the Carrson platform sneakers:

  • Perfect for casual daytime looks paired with jeans, leggings, shorts, sweats, and tees.
  • Goes great with dresses or skirts for a sporty, street style vibe.
  • Play up ’90s or Y2K aesthetics with baggy clothes, crop tops, chokers, and mini bags.
  • For an edgy contrast, pair with all black outfits and lace accents.
  • Stick to solids on top to let the colorful sneakers pop as the focal point.

With their thick platform soles and colorful retro vibe, the Carrson sneakers are fun, comfortable, and budget-friendly. They deliver substantial height without looking over the top. If you want an affordable way to test out the platform trend, these Steve Madden sneakers are a great pick.

Jeffrey Campbell Bridgette Sandals

Jeffrey Campbell is known for pushing boundaries in footwear. Their shoes emphasize edgy styles, exaggerated shapes, and unique details. Jeffrey Campbell gives their customers creative freedom to take fashion risks.

The Bridgette sandal is one of their most eye-catching platform designs, featuring a towering 4.5 inch sole studded with lugs. This handmade style makes a bold statement, taking inspo from hiking boots and grunge styles.

Here’s an overview of the key features:

  • 4.5 inch chunky platform: This gives extreme height while still feeling stable and comfortable.
  • Lugged rubber sole: The deep tread provides traction and echoes rugged boot soles.
  • Adjustable slingback strap: Allows you to customize the fit.
  • Open square toe: Gives plenty of room for your toes.
  • Handmade leather construction: Marked by exposed seams and rough edges for an imperfect look.
  • Limited color options: Mainly come in black, white, brown and natural leather tones.

When it comes to the pros of the Bridgette sandals:

  • Super trendy and eye-catching: The chunky sole and lug treads are extremely on-trend for 2022.
  • Comfortable to walk in: Reviews say the substantial platform feels sturdy and doesn’t wobble. The tread helps with grip.
  • True to size: Order your normal size. They fit as expected.
  • Unique statement style: Nothing else quite looks like these sandals. They’ll get you noticed.

However, there are some downsides as well:

  • Not suitable for extended wear: The towering platform means these are best for occasional wear vs. all day.
  • Very heavy: The thick sole makes these heavier than average shoes.
  • Expensive: $225 is steep for sandals. But you pay for the unique design.
  • Limited color options: You won’t find a rainbow of choices. Stick to neutral earth tones.
  • Run narrow: Those with wide feet may struggle with fit and comfort.

When it comes to styling the Bridgette sandals:

  • Perfect for parties, concerts, date nights – let these shoes steal the show!
  • Pair with jeans, skirts, dresses to show off the lug sole. Cropped jeans are perfect.
  • Maximize attention by wearing with all black or neutral outfits.
  • For grunge vibes try ripped jeans, leather jackets, and band tees.
  • Play with contrasts by wearing them with very feminine dresses.

The Bridgette sandals are guaranteed to grab attention with their substantial platform and unique lugged sole. For fashionistas looking to make a bold statement, these Jeffrey Campbell platforms deliver on risky, cutting-edge style. Just don’t plan to wear them all day long!

Demonia Poison-101 Platform Boots

Demonia is a shoe brand catering to punk, goth, and alternative subcultures. They offer platforms, creepers, and boots with bold studs, straps, and details. Demonia gives these communities stylish footwear to match their aesthetic.

The Poison-101 boot is one of Demonia’s stand-out platform styles, featuring a 3 inch sole and edgy chrome spikes across the top of the foot. This eye-catching design embodies punk attitude.

Here are the key features of Poison-101 boots:

  • 3 inch platform sole: Gives you a substantial boost in height without compromising comfort and stability.
  • Lace-up front with grommets: The 13 lace holes allow you to adjust the snugness of the fit up the ankle.
  • Side zipper closure: Makes the boots easy to put on while the laces perfect the fit.
  • Chrome spike embellishments: Over 50 spikes adorn the footbed for a studded effect.
  • Smooth or pebbled leather: Available in matte black or white leather.

When it comes to the pros, the Poison-101 boots offer:

  • Eye-catching look: The spikes give these boots major visual impact.
  • Surprisingly comfortable: Reviewers say the platform sole feels supportive and stable when walking.
  • True to size fit: Order your normal size for the best fit. Wide sizes also available.
  • High quality materials: Made to last through seasons of wear.
  • Works for many aesthetics: Punk, goth, metal, cyberpunk, and more.

However, there are some downsides:

  • Spikes damage surfaces: Be mindful when walking on floors or furniture.
  • Less stable heel: Reviews mention the heel feeling wobbly until broken in.
  • Not ideal for outdoor wear: Spikes may get damaged. Leather requires care.
  • Expensive investment: $150+ for boots may be prohibitive for some.

When it comes to styling the Poison-101 platform boots:

  • Perfect for punk, goth, emo aesthetics: Pair with band tees, fishnets, chokers, and leather.
  • Go for an edgy, futuristic look with leather leggings, utility belts, and cyber accessories.
  • Maximize visual impact by wearing with all black outfits. Let the chrome spikes stand out.
  • For alternative vibes try skinny jeans, florals, and spike accents.
  • Make a statement at concerts or festivals: These will look right at home.

With their substantial platform sole and stand-out spikes, the Poison-101 boots are guaranteed to get you noticed. Demonia offers quality and comfort while letting your inner punk rocker shine. If you want bold alternative footwear, these boots deliver.

Topshop Premium Chunky Chelsea Boot

Topshop is a popular British high street fashion brand known for on-trend styles at affordable prices. They bring runway looks to the mass market while emphasizing wearable basics too.

The Premium Chunky Chelsea Boot is one of Topshop’s platform offerings, featuring a 3 inch sole in a classic Chelsea silhouette. This minimal boot gives you height with a subtle streetwear vibe.

Here are the key features:

  • 3 inch platform sole: Boosts your height without compromising comfort and stability.
  • Elastic side gores: Allows the boots to be slipped on easily. Moves with your foot.
  • Pull tab: Makes pulling the boots on easier.
  • Lugged rubber sole: Provides traction and grip.
  • Rounded toe: Classic Chelsea boot silhouette.
  • Black or white leather: Available in versatile neutral tones.

When it comes to the pros, the Premium Chelsea boots offer:

  • Supports and stabilizes feet: Despite the platform, reviewers say these feel sturdy.
  • True to size: Order your normal size. Reviews say the fit is as expected.
  • Budget-friendly price: $100 makes these accessible compared to similar styles.
  • Simple but stylish: The Chelsea boot design feels fresh with the chunky sole.

However, there are also some cons to consider:

  • Runs narrow: Those with wide feet may find these too narrow.
  • Can feel heavy: The platform sole adds weight, though not uncomfortable.
  • Limited color options: Only come in black or white leather.
  • Not ideal for extensive wear: Better for occasional use rather than all-day wear.

When it comes to styling the Topshop Chelsea boots:

  • Perfect with skinny jeans or leggings for weekend casual looks.
  • Play up the street style vibe with oversized shirts, joggers, and bold accessories.
  • Balance edgy pieces like leather jackets with the sleek Chelsea boot silhouette.
  • For a more polished look try wearing them with dresses, skirts, trench coats.
  • Stick to neutrals on top since the boots come in versatile black and white.

With their chunky platform soles and classic Chelsea shape, the Premium Chelsea boots offer subtle height boost and style. Compared to the other featured shoes, these have a minimal, understated look perfect for everyday wear. If you want comfort and lift without flair, Topshop delivers a great affordable option.

Which Platform Shoe Is Right for You?

We’ve covered five top options for platform shoes with extra thick soles. To quickly recap:

  • Doc Martens Jadia Boots offer iconic comfort and punk-grunge edge. Made to last seasons.
  • Steve Madden Carrson Sneakers give ’90s sporty-casual vibes at an affordable price point.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Bridgette Sandals make a bold, risky statement with their extreme height and unique lug sole.
  • Demonia Poison-101 Boots embody punk attitude with spikes and substantial platforms. Made for alt styles.
  • Topshop Premium Chelsea Boots have a minimal, versatile look in a classic silhouette. Most subtle option.

With the variety of platform shoes available, focus on choosing the pair that best matches your personal style and needs. Ask yourself:

  • Will I be standing or walking a lot? Look for extra support and comfort features.
  • Do I want edgy or everyday style? Consider spike embellishments versus clean silhouettes.
  • What height boost do I want? Make sure the platform sole provides your desired lift.
  • Does my outfit need a statement piece? Opt for bold colors, hardware, lug soles.
  • What’s my budget? Prices can range from affordable to $200+ for designer platforms.

Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences, select the platform shoes that speak to your wardrobe and give you the confidence to walk tall. With the right pair, you’ll be ready to strut in head-turning style!

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