The 5 Most Stylish Loafers for Relaxed Weekend Wear

Weekends are finally here! After a long week of work, it’s time to kick back and relax. And what better way to do that than by slipping on a stylish, comfortable pair of loafers? Loafers are the perfect weekend shoes – providing a polished yet laidback look that works for everything from running errands to meeting friends for brunch.

In this post, we’ll recommend the top 5 loafer styles that are ideal for casual weekend wear. We evaluated dozens of options to narrow it down to the most fashionable, versatile, and comfortable loafers out there. Whether you prefer a classic penny loafer or something more modern like a suede tassel loafer, you’ll find a perfect pair for relaxing in style all weekend long.

A Brief History of the Loafer

Before diving into the picks, let’s take a quick look at the history of this timeless shoe style. Loafers date back to the 1930s when Norwegian immigrants brought traditional moccasins to America. The casual slip-on shoes caught on among aristocrats in Europe and eventually became popular in the U.S.

The classic penny loafer as we know it today was designed in 1934 by G.H. Bass & Co. Since then, loafers have taken on many forms from tassel loafers to driving moccasins, but all provide that effortless, laidback style. Loafers rose to further prominence in the 1950s among Ivy League students, beatniks, and others wanting to buck formal trends.

Now let’s check out our top 5 recommendations of loafers that are perfect for relaxed weekend style!

#1: Best Classic Loafer – Allen Edmonds Patriot Penny Loafer

For a timeless penny loafer, you can’t go wrong with the Allen Edmonds Patriot. Allen Edmonds is renowned for making high-quality men’s shoes and accessories, and this made in America loafer lives up to that reputation.

The Patriot penny loafer has a supple, full-grain leather upper in a premium leather sole. It’s available in classic brown and black, as well as tan and merlot for a more unique look. The classic moc toe design with subtle stitching adds a handsome touch while the padded leather footbed provides slip-on comfort.

Ideal for: Swapping jeans and a polo on the weekend, business casual office looks, date nights with chinos and a button-down.

Price: $295 USD

The Patriot by Allen Edmonds delivers old-school penny loafer style and quality that never goes out of fashion. Break them on your days off before making them your Monday through Friday wingman.

#2: Most Comfortable – Ecco Soft 7 Moc Loafer

If you’re looking for loafers with pillowy soft comfort, check out the Ecco Soft 7 collection. This Danish brand is known for comfort and their Soft 7 line features a flexible, lightweight sole and cushioned insole.

The Soft 7 Moc Loafer has a soft nubuck leather upper that forms to your feet over time. The molded footbed includes vegetable-tanned leather, cushy Microfiber, and lightweight padding for unbelievable comfort.

Ideal for: All-day wear when running errands, traveling, or any activity where you’ll be on your feet. The shock absorption and arch support make them popular among nurses, teachers, and others with active jobs.

Price: $160 USD

Treat your feet to the sublime comfort of Ecco’s Soft 7 loafers. The easy-wearing style goes with everything making them a pleasure to wear all weekend long.

#3: Most Stylish – Gucci Brixton Convertible Loafer

For a loafer with undeniable Italian style, look no further than the Gucci Brixton. Gucci loafers are synonymous with luxury, fashionable design, and expert Italian craftsmanship.

The Brixton has a glossy patent leather upper and silvertone horsebit detail – two iconic Gucci features. The leather is fashioned in Italy by master artisans.

We especially love the versatile convertible heel design. Wear it folded down to transform the loafer into a slide, or keep it up for a more polished loafer style. This adaptability makes the Brixton the perfect weekend shoe.

Ideal for: Making a sleek style statement from brunch to date night and everything between.

Price: $730 USD

If you believe in investing in timeless designer pieces, let the luxe Brixton loafers make you feel like Italian royalty all weekend long.

#4: Best Versatile Loafer – Everlane The Italian Leather Day Glove

For an affordable loafer made from premium Italian leather, meet The Day Glove from Everlane. This slim, versatile style works for the office but still retains a casual feel perfect for weekends.

The loafers feature supple Italian leather that molds to your feet. The sleek, glove-like fit has just enough room for socks. The rubber sole adds traction and durability.

Choose from versatile colors like classic black, camel, bone and all-weather friendly darker shades like coffee and raisin.

Ideal for: Weekend errands, travel, transitional seasons when you need a shoe for warmer and cooler temps. The slimmer silhouette also pairs well with cuffed jeans and pants.

Price: $115 USD

The Everlane Day Glove proves simple, well-made shoes don’t need a designer price tag. Slip them on and save your fancy shoes for special occasions.

#5: Best Loafer for Wide Feet – Rockport Leader 2 Bike Slip On

Finding comfortable loafers can be tricky if you have wider feet. That’s why we recommend the Rockport Leader 2 as the best loafer style for wide feet.

This roomy loafer provides a relaxed fit in a classic penny loafer silhouette. The full-grain leather upper includes discreet elastic goring for an easy slip-on fit. The rubber sole and heel are flexible and include shock absorption to offset fatigue.

An antimicrobial lining helps control odor during active weekends. While made for more generous feet, they don’t look overly clunky or unfashionable.

Ideal for: Wide-footed gentlemen looking for a loafer with roomy toe box and expanded fit. Provides cushion and support for active days.

Price: $100 USD

The Rockport Leader 2 proves you don’t have to suffer pinched toes just to enjoy easy-slip loafers. The generous fit will feel like home for your feet all weekend long.

How to Choose the Perfect Weekend Loafers

Now that you have an idea of the most recommended styles, how do you choose the right casual loafer for your lifestyle? Here are a few key factors to consider:

Your Personal Style

Think about what looks you gravitate toward on weekends. Do you want a more polished loafer or something more laidback? Choose a style that fits your personal aesthetic. A trendy tassel or penny loafer pairs well with jeans and button-downs. Or go for a suede driving moc if you like boho or Americana style clothing.

Intended Use

Consider when and where you plan to wear your new weekend loafers. Do you need something for more formal client dinners or date nights? Or a pair strictly for casual errands and hanging out with friends? Your planned activities will influence what style works best. More ornate loafers go well with dress pants and sport coats while casual suede works great with shorts.

Try Them On for Fit

Since you’ll likely wear loafers without socks, a proper fit is critical for all-day comfort. Be sure to try shoes on and walk around to check the fit. Your heel shouldn’t slip and should be stabilized as you walk. You want some space to allow your feet to swell but not so much your foot is sliding around.

High-Quality Materials

Look for loafers made from luxe materials like full-grain leather that molds to your feet over time. Quality leather also stretches better to accommodate wide feet if needed. Leather soles are flexible but keep in mind they can wear down quicker than rubber. Make sure soles are stitched, not glued, for durability.

Match to Your Activities

If you’re on the go all weekend, look for loafers with comfortable cushioning and traction. If you’ll wear them out at nice dinners or cocktails, pick a more dressed-up style. Consider extras like waterproofing for outdoor brunches, slip resistance for boat shoes, etc.

Weekend Loafer FAQs

Check out answers to some frequently asked questions about wearing loafers casually:

What are the most popular styles of casual loafers?

Penny loafers, tassel loafers, suede loafers, driving moccasins, and boat shoes are some of the most popular weekend loafers. Each provides a different vibe from preppy to laidback.

Are loafers suitable for walking long distances?

It depends on the loafer. Well-cushioned walking loafers with arch support can handle long distances. But less supportive styles may become uncomfortable. Look for flex grooves, shock absorption and arch support if you’ll walk far.

Can you wear socks with casual loafers?

You can, but lower socks that don’t peek out look best. No-show or invisible loafer socks are perfect for keeping bare ankles covered without disrupting the loafers’ sleek lines.

How do you clean leather loafers?

Use a soft cloth with a gentle leather cleaner then follow up with a conditioner. Use polish for shine. Suede can be brushed then cleaned with a special suede cleaner. Avoid excessive water exposure.

Are loafers business casual appropriate?

Loafers are definitely business casual friendly, especially more formal penny loafers, tassel loafers, etc. But casual fabric loafers or very distressed leathers may be too informal for business dress.

Relax in Style With Weekend Loafers

From running Saturday errands to hosting Sunday brunch, a great pair of loafers transitions seamlessly with your laidback weekend style. Whether your taste runs more towards an elegant Italian loafer or a cozy pair made for comfort, loafers deliver timeless style and the perfect relaxed vibe.

Hopefully this overview gave you some inspiration to find your perfect weekend loafers. Keep your favorites fresh by storing shoe trees inside when not worn and applying conditioner to nourish the leather. With proper care, quality leather loafers will become your weekend companions for many years before stylishly transitioning into beloved vintage status.

So next time Friday rolls around, celebrate leaving the workweek grind behind by slipping into some stylish loafers! Their laidback charm is the perfect antidote to dress shoes and running shoes alike.

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