Leather jackets are a travel essential. With the right lightweight leather jacket, you can stay stylish and comfortable whether you’re strolling the streets of Paris or hiking the trails in Peru. When you’re traveling carry-on only, space and weight are at a premium. You need an jacket that’s versatile enough to layer over anything, durable enough to take daily wear and tear, yet compact enough to squeeze into a tiny suitcase.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the best lightweight leather travel jacket for your needs. You’ll learn how to evaluate the weight, versatility, comfort, durability and style of a leather jacket. We’ll also reveal our top picks for lightweight leather jackets from brands we love. Read on for expert tips to find your perfect travel jacket!

Factors to Consider When Picking a Lightweight Leather Jacket for Travel

Choosing a leather jacket for globetrotting isn’t as simple as grabbing the first cute option off the rack. To get maximum use out of your travel leather jacket, keep the following factors in mind while shopping around:


The heaviest pieces in your travel wardrobe should be shoes and outerwear. Since you can only bring so much on a carry-on friendly trip, weight is crucial. Look for leather jackets between 1-3 lbs. Thinner, lighter leathers like lambskin tend to create lighter jackets perfect for travel. Jackets lined with only satin or soft fabric are also less bulky.

Heavier jacket weights usually come from:


The key to any good travel piece is versatility. To get cost per wear down on your leather jacket, make sure it’s:


You want your travel leather jacket soft enough to wear all day sightseeing, yet structured enough to hold its shape. Seek out buttery soft leathers like lambskin that feel broken-in right away. Steer hides are very durable but can feel stiff and rigid.

For the best comfort:


Travel is tough on clothes! You need a leather jacket that will resist scuffs, oils and dirt through all your adventures.

For maximum durability, look for:

Ideally, your jacket should stand up to:


Just because it’s a travel jacket doesn’t mean you have to compromise style! Most leather jacket silhouettes work for travel, like:

Consider these style factors when choosing a travel leather jacket:


Since you’ll likely be layering your jacket over hoodies, sweaters and long sleeves, pay special attention to fit. Look for:

Be sure to check size charts and measure yourself for your best fit. Leather doesn’t stretch like knits, so sizing up is better than down.


When buying a leather jacket for frequent travel wear, it’s worth investing more up front in quality that will last season after season. Figure at least $250 to $500+ for a leather jacket handcrafted from durable hides. Even higher end labels like Acne, Sandro, Reiss, and Allsaints have stylish options under $600.

If your budget is under $200, stick with well-reviewed faux leather that mimics the look of real leather for less. You may have to sacrifice long term durability and weather resistance. But for very occasional trips, it can work.

Now that you know how to evaluate travel-ready leather jackets, let’s reveal our top picks in lightweight styles we love!

Top 5 Lightweight Leather Jackets for Globetrotting Travel

After extensive research of dozens of brands and hundreds of jackets, these lightweight stunners rose to the top as our top picks for stylish travel:

1. Banana Republic Faux Suede Moto Jacket

Pros: Super lightweight and versatile 4-season wear. Cool moto edge at a price under $200.

Cons: Runs large so size down. Faux suede lacks the weatherproofing of real leather.

2. Sam Edelman Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Pros: Stylish moto jacket under $200. Removable lining makes it perfect for warmer destinations.

Cons: Sizing runs inconsistently, so diligently check measurements before ordering.

3. BLANKNYC Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Pros: Very lightweight and affordable. Great tailored fit flatters most figures.

Cons: Quality reflects lower price point. Spot clean only.

4. Allsaints Balfern Leather Biker Jacket

Pros: High quality lambskin gives a super soft feel immediately. Expert Allsaints tailoring and detailing.

Cons: Slim fit can feel restrictive for curvier figures. Delicate lambskin requires gentler care.

5. Topshop Patsy Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

Pros: Great lightweight and versatile bomber style. Faux leather makes it budget friendly.

Cons: Runs large so consider sizing down. Minimal lining means less warmth.

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

We know picking that perfect travel leather jacket can still leave you with questions. Here we’ll tackle some frequently asked topics to help you decide:

How do I clean and care for a leather travel jacket?

Genuine leather should be professionally cleaned to avoid damage. Many faux leathers can be spot cleaned at home with mild soap and a damp cloth. Avoid submerging leather in water. Since you can’t toss it in the wash, avoid light colors that could stain easily while eating exotic foods!

What temperature ranges can a lightweight leather jacket handle?

It depends on the lining! A fully lined leather jacket can keep you cozy even into the 50s °F. For warmer destinations, look for thin or removable linings. Breathable leather types like lambskin also resist overheating better than heavyweight cowhide.

How do I keep a leather jacket from smelling while traveling?

Allowing it to air out overnight can help dissipate odors. Using cedar chips or dryer sheets in your luggage can absorb lingering smells too. To freshen up, gently wipe inside the jacket with diluted white vinegar or lemon juice using a microfiber cloth.

Should I buy real or faux leather for travel?

Genuine leather is more breathable, ages well, and withstands the elements. But faux leather weighs less, costs less, and is easier to care for. Faux leather technology has improved to mimic a real leather look and feel. For shorter trips, faux leather can totally work!

How can I prevent scratches and scuffs on a leather jacket?

Avoid wearing bulky jewelry or bags that could rub against your jacket. Store your jacket on a wide hanger, away from other items in the closet that could scuff it. Treat it before trips with a light leather conditioner to help resist marks.

What’s the difference between a moto jacket and a bomber jacket?

Moto jackets have an asymmetrical zip and moto-racer styling details like epaulets and zip cuffs. Bomber jackets have more varsity-style ribbed hems, cuffs and collar with a full front zip. Bomber jackets typically provide less warmth than fully-lined moto styles.

How can I find the best deals on leather jackets?

Check end of season sales for brands like Allsaints, Sandro, Maje, and Reiss. Nordstrom Rack is another go-to for major brand leather jackets marked down. For a deal under $200, check Zara, Topshop, BlankNYC or Sam Edelman.

How should a leather jacket properly fit?

It should contour your natural shape rather than drowning your figure. Aim for roomy but not baggy sleeves allowing layers underneath. Size up if needed for a comfortable zip, but avoid excessive looseness around your midsection. Proper shoulder fit ensures the sleeves hang correctly.

How can I maximize versatility from one leather travel jacket?

Stick with neutral colors like black, brown or gray that pair with anything. Look for a mid-length hem you can wear dressy or casual. Details like epaulets, zips and buckles add styling options. Opt for sleeker finishes and simple lines over anything too bold or funky.

It’s Time to Find Your Perfect Travel Leather Jacket

We hope these tips help you shop smartly for the lightweight leather jacket of your dreams! Keep fabric weight, versatility and quality in mind as you search. And don’t forget to reference our favorites for timeless style you can wear anywhere your travels take you.

Finding a leather jacket that combines durability, comfort and packability is well worth it when you consider the memories made wearing it. Now go forth and shop confidently for that one perfect travel jacket to live in during all your adventures!

Which style or brand looks like your top contender? Share your thoughts in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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