The Coolest Asymmetrical Zip Leather Jackets to Rock Your Look

Leather jackets have long been a wardrobe staple for their timeless edgy appeal. And no leather jacket style makes more of a statement than the asymmetrical zipper. With its bold angled zipper cutting diagonally across the front, the asymmetrical leather jacket instantly becomes the focal point of any outfit.

If you’re looking to add that effortlessly cool vibe to your wardrobe, one of these badass asymmetrical leather jackets is sure to be your new favorite go-to piece. This guide covers the top asymmetrical zip leather jackets available right now, tips for choosing the best one for your personal style, and answers to frequently asked questions about rocking this iconic look.

The Top 5 Asymmetrical Zip Leather Jackets

When it comes to the asymmetrical leather jacket, not all are created equal. The right jacket should be made of quality materials with a flawless fit. To help you find that perfect jacket, here are the top 5 asymmetrical zip leather jackets available on the market today.

1. The Iconic Schott Perfecto

No list of cool leather jackets would be complete without the legendary Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket. Around since the 1950s, Schott perfectly balances heritage quality with modern updates. Their asymmetrical Perfecto is made of soft, durable steerhide leather with a snug fit. It’s the OG that set the standard for this style.

The classic shiny black with silver hardware never goes out of fashion. For a more custom look, the Perfecto comes in over a dozen colors like red, brown, and tan. Real saddle-grade leather ages beautifully over time. And Schott sourcing ensures ethical production.

While the fit is slim, most shapes can rock a Schott Perfecto for that timeless biker vibe. Just note that the arms and shoulders run small. Size up for layering. Price depends on leather grade, ranging $500-800.

2. Levi’s Faux Leather Asymmetrical

For a budget-friendly faux leather option, Levi’s iconic asymmetrical biker jacket delivers on style at a fraction of the cost. It uses a vegan polyurethane leather alternative with a matte finish.

The softness lends itself to comfortable all-day wear, while maintaining a natural drape. Since it’s man-made, you don’t have to worry much about getting this jacket wet. And it’s so affordable, you can grab a few versatile color options.

Levi’s nails the tailored slim fit. But the faux leather does run warmer than real leather. At around $100, this jacket adds major edge to casual outfits without breaking the bank.

3. Allsaints Dalby

For a contemporary asymmetrical jacket, Allsaints blends a slim tailored silhouette with modern details. The mid-thigh length Dalby is made of buttery soft European lamb leather. The angled zipper draws the eye down, complemented by a buckled side belt.

Quilted shoulder patches and zippered cuffs lend a subtle edge. Shiny silver hardware keeps it sophisticated. Allsaints’ signature lean cut flatters most body types. The Dalby only comes in black or tan for a luxe neutral statement.

Made in Italy, this expertly crafted leather jacket offers incredible quality and durability. At $360-500, it’s a contemporary investment piece.

4. BLANKNYC Faux Leather Moto Jacket

If you love the moto jacket look on a budget, this asymmetrical faux leather jacket from BLANKNYC delivers major cool points without the designer price tag. Made from vegan leather with a silky soft finish, this jacket resembles genuine leather at a distance.

The cropped hem and shiny gold zippers add plenty of edge. And the cream fabric blocking at the shoulders and sides lends visual interest. With the right care, the luxe look should hold up reasonably well for the $100 price.

This style runs large, so size down for a tailored fit unless you want an oversized slouchy look. The arms are also very long, so this jacket works best for taller frames. Overall though, it’s a steal for the quality.

5. Samsoe Asymmetrical Biker Jacket

Minimalists will love the clean lines of this biker-inspired asymmetrical jacket from Samsoe. Made from super matte black faux leather, this jacket feels buttery soft while looking appropriately edgy.

The straight fit flatters most body types, with quilted shoulder patches adding subtle detail. Long sleeves prevent bunching at the wrists. And the angled silver zipper adds just enough asymmetry without going overboard.

At around $200, this jacket offers minimalist Scandinavian style. Samsoe runs large, so size down for a fitted shape that falls flatteringly at the hips.

How to Choose the Perfect Asymmetrical Zip Leather Jacket

With so many options, choosing that one killer asymmetrical leather jacket for your wardrobe can feel tricky. Here are some tips for selecting the right jacket to match your personal style:

  • Consider what look you want to create – Rocker, biker, modern, minimal, retro? Match the jacket’s vibe to your aesthetic.
  • Think about how you’ll style it – Will this be for daytime errands or nights out? The jacket’s cut should suit its purpose.
  • Choose a flattering silhouette – Look for a shape that complements your body type. Cropped, slim, oversized, etc.
  • Mind the details – Do you want buckles, zippers, quilting? Subtle or loud hardware?
  • Comfort is key – Ensure the fit allows you to move freely while looking great.
  • Pick quality materials – Leather type, softness, durability all determine longevity.
  • Care instructions matter – Real leather needs conditioner. Faux just needs gentle washing.
  • Get the right fit – Size charts help, but try before you buy if possible.
  • Consider your budget – Real leather costs more but ages beautifully if cared for.
  • Choose a color you love – Beyond black, explore bold brights, soft neutrals and metallics.
  • Compare styles and reviews – This ensures you find “the one” meant for you.

Taking the time to shop intentionally for that perfect asymmetrical zip leather jacket means you’ll look and feel amazing every time you wear it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asymmetrical Zip Leather Jackets

Why are asymmetrical zip jackets so popular?

The bold diagonal zipper immediately grabs attention while adding edge to any outfit. The asymmetric line is dynamic and unconventional. It brings movement and modern appeal to a classic leather jacket silhouette.

When left unzipped, the two sides drape and fold in stark contrast to create visual interest. It’s anything but boring while still remaining versatile enough for everyday wear.

What’s the difference between faux and real leather?

Faux leather is made from man-made materials while real leather comes from animal rawhides. Faux leather is vegan and much more affordable. Real leather develops a patina over time and molds to your shape.

Faux leather requires little maintenance. Real leather must be conditioned to prevent drying out. But real full-grain leather when cared for can last decades and look better over time. Ultimately both offer stylish options at different price points.

How do you care for a leather jacket?

For real leather:

  • Use specialty leather cleaners and conditioners
  • Apply protectant sprays to resist stains
  • Spot clean soon after spills
  • Store folded on a hanger to retain shape
  • Avoid excessive heat, moisture, and abrasion

For faux leather:

  • Hand wash gently with mild detergent
  • Or take to a specialty leather cleaner
  • Hang away from direct heat to dry fully
  • Use steamer to smooth wrinkles
  • Spot clean with warm, soapy rag

What’s the ideal fit for a leather jacket?

The jacket should feel snug but allow full mobility without strain. Shoulder seams should align with your natural shoulder width. Arm holes shouldn’t dig in or pull up when moving.

Sleeves ought to reach your wrists without bunching up. The hem should hit around hip length or below for the most flattering silhouette.

Too oversized looks sloppy. Too tight over layers uncomfortably. The right tailored fit should flatter your shape without restriction.

How do you style an asymmetrical zip jacket?

Stick to simple, minimal pieces that allow the unique zipper to stand out. Pair with plain tees, button-downs, tanks, or thermals in neutral colors.

Indigo jeans or black leggings also keep attention on the jacket. Sleek ankle boots, white sneakers, or loafers lengthen the leg. Avoid loud prints, patterns, or distracting accessories.

Leather provides enough texture on its own. Finally, choose complimentary cool or warm tones depending on the jacket color.

What colors and finishes are trending now?

Classic black leather never goes out of style. Rich chocolate browns pair well with cool skin undertones. Warm tan and cognac complement olive complexions.

Metallic silver, gold, and bronze add eye-catching shine. Bold reds make a fiery statement. Forest greens evoke an earthy tone.

Soft blush pinks, ivory, and cream create chic contrast. Glossy patent and matte finishes both work beautifully. Distressed effects add grungy appeal.

Should men buy a women’s or unisex asymmetrical jacket?

Women’s jackets nip in at the waist, which may not suit most men’s frames. Unisex styles offer a happy medium with a slightly slimmer cut.

For maximum versatility, men could size up in a women’s jacket. But the shaping may hit at unflattering spots.

Trying on different styles can determine what flatters your body shape best. Don’t assume based on gender alone. Finding the ideal silhouette for you is what matters most.

How do I know my correct jacket size?

Rather than typical clothing sizes, check the specific brand’s size chart. Measure the circumference of your chest under your arms. This number should match the jacket’s chest width measurement.

Make sure shoulder seams align with the width of your natural shoulders. The arm length should allow you to move comfortably without pulling.

When possible, always try before you buy. Move around and mimic real wear to ensure the jacket suits your shape in motion.

Rock the Iconic Asymmetrical Zip Leather Jacket

A quality leather jacket with a bold angled zipper makes a stylish signature piece. Whether sleek or grungy, faux or real, an asymmetrical zipper adds edge—as well as an extra dose of attitude.

Hopefully the jackets, tips, and FAQs in this guide help you discover the perfect leather jacket to make a statement with your own personal flair.

Now get out there, layer up, and rock your new favorite jacket all season long in chic asymmetric style!

What are your favorite leather jacket brands or styling tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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