The Top High Tops: Your Guide to Rocking Streetwear’s Hottest Sneakers

High top sneakers have become a streetwear staple and bold fashion statement. Their popularity continues to grow as high tops remain a trendy silhouette embraced by sneakerheads, street style icons, celebrities and casual shoe lovers alike. This blog will recommend the top 5 high top sneakers dominating streetwear right now and provide tips on how to choose the right pair to elevate your outfit. It will also answer frequently asked questions about styling and wearing these iconic kicks. Read on to discover the hottest high top drops and learn how to rock sneaker fashion’s most statement-making shoes.

The Best High Tops for Streetwear

When it comes to high top sneakers, streetwear enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. New styles and colorways drop constantly from sportswear giants, collabs, regional brands and more. Here are 5 of the best high top sneakers making an impact right now:

Nike Dunk High Retro

The return of the Nike Dunk High Retro has delighted sneakerheads. First debuting in the 80s, this basketball classic has been re-released with updated colorways and materials. The chunky silhouette, padded collar and flat laces ooze old school basketball style. Dunk Highs come in diverse colors like the ‘Panda’ black and white, vivid ‘Syracuse’ orange and ‘St John’s’ red and black. Made from premium leather with Zoom Air cushioning, Dunk High Retros demand attention when worn.

Pros: Iconic silhouette, cushioned, quality leather

Cons: Runs narrow, limited availability

Price: $110 – $200

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged High Top

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged High Top puts a streetwear spin on the 100 year old Chuck Taylor. This high top features a thick ridged rubber lug sole for excellent traction and a rugged look. The full leather upper is water repellent while the OrthoLite insole provides cushioning. Score the classic black or opt for tones like bella violet, parchment and signal green. Wear them styled casual or with edgier pieces.

Pros: Water resistant, very grippy traction, comfortable insole

Cons: Run large, break in period

Price: $85 – $110

Adidas Forum High

Adidas Forum High sneakers are having a major comeback thanks to their stylish retro basketball look. They’re equipped with Boost technology in the midsole for responsive comfort. Features like the padded ankle and high tongue are straight out of the 80s. The Forum High is offered in a range of colors like core black, cloud white and bold red. It looks amazing styled with both athletic wear and streetwear fits.

Pros: Nostalgic old school style, Boost cushioning

Cons: Runs narrow, snug fit

Price: $130 – $160

Vans Sk8-Hi Sneaker

The iconic Vans Sk8-Hi Sneaker has been a streetwear and skateboarding staple since the 70s. This high top combines suede and canvas on the upper with Vans’ original waffle outsole. Thick cushioning makes these suitable for all day wear. The Sk8-Hi comes in an endless array of colors and patterns, from basic black or white to unique prints like floral, polka dot, checkered and more. It’s a versatile sneaker that pairs with any casual outfit.

Pros: Timeless style, very comfortable, extremely versatile

Cons: Minimal arch support, runs small

Price: $60 – $85

Axel Arigato Clean 90

For a minimalist high top sneaker, look no further than the Axel Arigato Clean 90. Crafted in Italy from full-grain leather or suede, this understated white sneaker has a retro feel but modern appeal. The sleek, low profile silhouette looks sharp with streetwear basics. Wear it to add a luxe, designer aesthetic to casual outfits and street looks.

Pros: Premium materials, versatile contemporary style, made in Italy

Cons: Expensive, needs breaking in

Price: $290 – $450

This roundup covers some of the hottest high top sneaker drops right now, from old school retro models to new modern streetwear staples. Keep these top picks in mind when looking to cop a pair of the trendiest high top kicks for your personal street style.

Tips for Choosing High Tops for Streetwear

Beyond just following hype releases, there are certain factors to consider when selecting high top sneakers to elevate your streetwear game:

Match to your personal style – Not every popular sneaker will suit your individual aesthetic. Choose high tops that align with your overall look and vibe. Luxe leather pairs work for minimalists while chunky retro silhouettes are better for old school enthusiasts.

Get the fit right – High tops should hug the ankle without feeling too tight or restrictive. Try on a few sizes to find the ideal fit allowing flexibility while still feeling secure when worn.

Opt for statement colors – Vivid, punchy or bold colors in your high tops are guaranteed to make more impact. But don’t overlook classic neutral and monochrome tones either for their versatility.

Consider details and accents – Unique laces, textures, zippers, velcro and other special details can elevate your high tops. But an overly busy shoe can also cheapen the look.

Pick the right materials – Leather and suede offer premium style while canvas is more casual. Distressed materials, shine, texture and dye techniques also affect the vibe.

Know the latest sneaker trends – From 90s basketball retro to minimalist monochrome, keep up with each season’s hottest sneaker trends to find styles that align with current street fashion.

Remember all day comfort – Cushioning, arch support and flexibility affect how wearable your high tops will be for daily use. Don’t sacrifice too much comfort just for hype looks.

Compare prices before buying – High top prices vary widely from under $100 basic pairs to $500+ luxury collaborations. Weigh each sneaker’s cost against its features and quality.

Read reviews first – Check out feedback from other buyers before purchasing to get insight on sizing, comfort, quality and potential issues to watch out for.

Keeping these tips in mind when browsing new high top drops will help you discover your perfect pair for taking street style looks to the next level. Don’t just settle for the most hyped or expensive sneakers. Find the high tops that best match your personal swag.

FAQs About Styling and Wearing High Tops

High top sneakers come with their own unique considerations when it comes to styling and wearing them. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about rocking these streetwear staple shoes:

Are high tops just a passing trend?

High top sneakers have been an iconic streetwear shoe since the 1980s and show no signs of going away. Though specific models may come and go, the high top silhouette itself has proven to have lasting popularity. So high tops are definitely more than just a fleeting trend.

What pants should you wear with high tops?

High tops pair great with jeans, joggers, leggings, shorts and track pants. Cropped, cuffed or rolled pant legs are perfect for showing off more of your shoes. But high waters or floods that exaggerate the ankle can seem disproportionate. Avoid long pants that cover the ankle and hide the entire shoe.

How should high tops actually fit?

For the best comfort and hold, high tops should fit snugly around the ankles without squeezing too tight. If they feel too constricting, try lacing them looser or sizing up. If too loose, wearing thicker socks can improve the fit. You want them to feel secure but not restrictive.

Can you wear high tops for everyday casual use?

With the right cushioning and materials, many high tops can be very comfortable for all day wear. Just take some time to gradually break them in. Having an extra pair of shoes on hand is recommended if you need to dress up more. But for casual daily wear, quality high tops are very practical.

Do high tops put you at greater risk for ankle injury?

Despite some misconceptions, there is no evidence properly fitted high top sneakers lead to ankle injury or instability. Structured high tops provide excellent support and stability for the ankle joint. Those recovering from injuries should consult a doctor about appropriate footwear. Just avoid unusually stiff, heavy or poorly fitting high top styles.

What colors pair best with black high tops?

The classic black high top sneaker pairs incredibly well with almost anything. Gray, white, blue denim, olive green, red and pink are foolproof color combinations. Black high tops also act as a neutral foundation for louder prints and patterns to pop against.

Take Streetwear Style to New Heights in High Tops

Hopefully this guide has gotten you excited to buy your next pair of standout high tops and inspired ideas on rocking them in your streetwear fits. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different high top silhouettes, colors, materials and styling. Mix up your go-to sneakers and let your personal flair shine through.

When chosen and worn right, the iconic high top sneaker still can’t be beat for making an instant style statement and taking your streetwear swag to new heights. Lace up a fresh pair and hit the streets ready to turn heads and drop jaws. The high top’s reign in street fashion is still going strong.

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